Shop for the Rosemount Series Level Transmitter and other Level Transmitters at Range: feet from flange; Accuracy: ± inch (); ± in . (). Radar Level Gauge Userds manual details for FCC ID K8C made by Rosemount Tank Radar AB. Document Includes User Manual. Rosemount *, High Frequency. Transmitter (~ 26 GHz). (Not yet available). The availability of two frequencies allows the user to choose the model that will.

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Rosemount 5402 radar level transmitter for bulk solids

LCD display readable in: It also effectively handles dirt, condensation, turbulence and low reflective media. Extended cone antennas are available in SST L. Free space radar devices measure from the top down, have no moving parts and do not rrosemount calibration. For applications with solid materials and long ranges the parabolic antenna which provides a very focused rosdmount is a good choice. Maximum recommended nozzle height is 20 in.

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Rosemount™ Level Transmitter

When standard model codes are not sufficient to fulfill requirements, please consult the factory to explore possible Engineered Solutions. Internal signal processing capabilities are optimized for measuring solids where irregular surfaces can make accurate level measurements difficult. The Rosemount high-frequency 2-wire radar uses Rosemount Radar Master software and algorithms to overcome the specific challenges of rosemoknt level measurement in vessels, bins and silos, such as inclining or fosemount surfaces, low dielectric properties and high filling rates.


National Manufacturing Week Wednesday, 05 November, Supplied by: All media have a dielectric constant.

Only applicable for perpendicular installations or D less than 2 in. The standard alarm setting is high. Rosemount S Data Sheet.

Emerson Rosemount 5402 2-wire non-contacting radar transmitter

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Easy to install and commission, it’s also unaffected by virtually any fluid property change. Rosemount with parabolic antenna: Due to the fact that the microwaves are sent out in free space, obstructions such as mixer blades are not an issue.

Beam width Distance 2-in. Emerson 54022 now offering a line of Rosemount transmitters that support features required by most WARNING — The apparatus enclosure contains aluminum and is considered to constitute a potential risk of ignition by impact or friction.

Smart mobile automation solutions for industry. Modbus is a registered trademark of Gould Inc. Innovations such as Dual Port Technology, which ensures a strong signal back to the transmitter, advanced surface tracking and condensation-resistant antennas make the product suitable for even demanding applications. Click the X to close this notice.


Please refine your selection. The higher it is, the stronger the reflection of the rosemounf will be. Disturbing objects inside the nozzle E may impact the measurement, and should be avoided. SST cable gland is included in delivery. Rosemount with Rod Antenna Model Code: Near zones are areas where the accuracy is reduced. The antenna can be recessed in smooth nozzles up to D: Leachate — what is it and why is it a problem?