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Aastra 5380ip

If for example you key aaxtra a call number during a call, your call partner will hear the tone signals. Page Installation and first-time operation 3. Creating a new phone book entry You want to store your own phone numbers. The Presence function lets you set your personal presence status quickly.

Aastra ip Business Telephone Systems – Incom, UK

Press the Loudspeaker key. Technical modifications and product availability subject to change without notice.

Personalizing your phone Configuring presence You can to control your current presence status see Chapter “Organizing absences using the Absence key”, page Ask your system administrator whether you should start with the sur- name or the first name.

Page Operator console Activating a substitution for the operator console You want to forward calls to your operator console to a different destination. Aastta be able to set up line keys, you need to make sure an Aastra M or an Aastra M expansion key module is connected. Each Line key has its own phone number; in other words when you make a phone call you transfer the phone number belonging to the active Line key.


Functions For Special Situations Supplementary features Organising absences from the desk This section explains the different options provided by your phone when you want to leave op desk. Organising Absences From The Desk Supplementary features Organising absences from the desk This section explains the different options provided by your phone when you want to leave your desk.

Press and hold down the operator line key. The system and your operator console have been aadtra up by the system administrator. The Personal key allows the operator console to act as an ordinary user. You can store your own phone numbers in the private phone book. Menu Press the Menu General Settings Personalizing your phone General settings This section explains other settings you can make on your phone. Phone Book Management Display Using the display and operating elements Display Display symbols and display text New events such as a call in your absence, a new message or activated functions e.

Organisation Within The Team This section explains the different options provided by your aastrs to communicate in a team. Dialling and phoning Making calls This section explains the different ways you can make a call with your phone. Forwarding are signalled on the display in the idle state by a symbol or a display text. When you connect a Bluetooth headset see chapter “Activate Bluetooth operation and Bluetooth device Aastra only “, page 79the headset is automatically acti- vated.


The person is busy or does not answer.

Calls with the general bell as the destination can be signalled visually or acoustically via an external piece of supplementary equipment. Connect the power supply only to power sources that conform to the indications on the device.

Send Text Messages Supplementary features Send text messages You want to send a written message to an internal user. Then you want to resume your conversation with your original call partner.

You can tell this from the lit attention LED in the idle state. The relevant user information has been compiled with the utmost care. Do not modify the connections in any way. With the aid of your PIN you can use any phone to make an external call with your own personal settings, even if that phone is locked qastra external calls.