: Aculife Hand Acupuncture Manual: Using the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist () by Niall Strickland and a great selection of. This book introduces the reader to the principles behind electro-magnetic acupuncture and guides them through the simple steps of using the Aculife Magnetic. ACULIFE. Detect • Relieve • Healthcare. Hand Acupuncture Manual Using the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist. WARNING You are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to .

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Tried the Aculife and within 2 weeks I was lifting weights again. In reality, the points where a user gets the strongest sensation on the hand will always be the correct points for treatment.

We bought an Aculife machine for ourselves before returning home to Australia. It does not require needles or a specially trained acupuncturist. Acjpuncture was walking with a limp and was experiencing severe pain. The instructions for correct use of Aculife patches are as follows:.

Aculife Hand Acupuncture Manual : Niall Strickland :

If the pain point acullife on the right side of the body, the user should stimulate the right hand on the most sensitive points. McNamara Tweet Pin It. Flynn Tweet Pin It.

The feedback generated by the Aculife medical device can identify what the underlying problem may be with a high degree of accuracy, and thus allow you to inform your physician of an underlying problem requiring treatment if one exists.

Ever since, he has suffered from a constant throbbing in his upper arm and shoulder. On this basis alone, it is probably worth having an Aculife in your medicine cabinet.

Aculife can pick up imbalances in your mqnual by identifying blocked acupoints in your hand. However the patch should never be used on the neck or head.

Already have done — dozens of times over. Physiotherapy, Rest, Pain relieving mild drugs Usage of Aculife: Please note that we do not sell the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist device. You can in fact do it yourself at home with a small electronic device called Aculife. In Relieve Mode, this will be at 4 or 5 bars for most people. Rather, it is a treatment that requires systematic use over a period of two to fourteen days to show significant benefits.

  ASTM D2247 PDF

Each group is identifiable on the handmaps by a different symbol; a green circle or oval; a navy blue rectangle and; an orange triangle. It is simple and easy to understand so that you too can have a good experience with this wonderful electronic acupuncture device.

These will always be the most sensitive points of the hand and should reflect the points you marked in stage 6 above. Used Aculife on hand points for hemorrhoids for about 20 minutes per day for several weeks. Simply choose the version that suits you best. Also, Aculife can be used by any person young or old at any stage of illness or other treatments with just a few exceptions. Do try and keep the plastic backing dust free as you will want to put the patch back on it once you have completed each treatment.

Bad case of hemorrhoids, due to go into surgery late last year. The Aculife patch system is by far the easiest way to use Aculife. Surgery was not required. Daily use to manage pain.

Aculife Hand Acupuncture Manual : Using the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist

He did a single 30 minute treatment and the pain went away. It seems hard to believe but it is possible to detect problems in your body and to effectively treat many ailments by simply stimulating your left hand.

This is usually at 2 or 3 bars in Detect Mode for most people. To relieve pain and to treat any conditions that you may be suffering from, refer to the hand maps in the Aculife Hand Acupuncture Booklet and stimulate the indicated points for 5 minutes at a time.

Aculife can treat acluife relieve the pain for an extensive list of conditions.

Occasional to check general state of health. Pain Killers — although these caused stomach problems. If you want higher resolution images with full treatment protocols, you can get these by purchasing the Aculife Hand Acupuncture Manual on our website http: Based on the thousands of success stories related to us by regular users of Aculife, we believe that perseverance is acylife worthwhile.


Standard Use Take one of the two patches supplied and connect the wiring loom to the back of the patch using the push-on connector. The second way to use the patch system is to place the patch directly on the area where pain is being felt.

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The initial test in Singapore had correctly identified deep damage in a thigh muscle that had prevented me kicking a ball with my right leg for any distance. Xculife you already own an Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist, you really need this book if you want to be able to use the device effectively.

Turn your Aculife Unit on and set the power level at a setting which is comfortable for you.

I fully han in the product. Chinese Hand Map of Palm Acupoints. Please note that if you have no pain at the moment, then you will not get a strong sensation on the hand Acupoints when using your Aculife device. I have aculif treated with the Aculife in as much as I feel better shoulder injuries, lower and upper back pain, headaches, toothache and general stiffness.

Using Aculife just once per day takes away the pain. We have been studying Aculife in common use by thousands of individuals and medical practitioners for more than 8 years. It seemed to be almost too good to be true. The five elemental energies — earth, gold, water, wood and fire — symbolise the life forces present in all living things, each one being a manifestation of Yin and Yang, or the opposing states of nature.

Place the patch on the left forearm, about 6 inches above the wrist.