Editorial Reviews. Review. The New York Times Arguably not since Nancy Friday has Afterburn: A Novel – Kindle edition by Zane. Download it once and read. Read Afterburn by Zane by Zane by Zane for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Blessings, Zane Solitaire: Afterburn 2. Zane Every man dies. Not every man really lives. -William Wallace From the Journal of Yardley Brown October

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He has long since accrued some interest in Rayne Waters, a bank employee who’s too beautiful to be true — and too beautiful to be single.

Afterurn theme of this story is to never waist time in finding love and to alwayzs enjoy your life that you have because you never know when your time has come to leave earth. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Afterburn by Zane

Adults may not agree to these books but they hold an interest to me and I know it woiuld to other teens because its based on love and how we live afterbuurn how they make it seem we live. Amy Loves Reading Blog rated it really liked it.

Twenty minutes later, Rayne came back into atterburn bedroom from the living room of her apartment. See full terms and conditions and this month’s choices. I love reading recommendations and especially ones that have my mind thinking long after I have finished. I ordered Afterburn, my first Zane novel around the age of sixteen, and I must admit it had me clutching at my proverbial pearls.

Jan 11, Lina rated it it was ok Shelves: Or if a man show some interests in aterburn man, while still loving woman, he is gay. I wasn’t too raunchy and not too romantic. Even the sensation of her chilled feet rubbing against my calves at night, I miss. I now understand why people did not like the ending. I need to get up anyway. I read this book when I was a teen. Let everyone know how much you love them every day because tomorrow is not promised. Mar 05, Sharlika rated it it was amazing.


I completely understand why you did what you did and I read the entire book from cover to back looking for the explanation you gave but it still broke me.

Afterburn Book Summary and Study Guide

But it is what it is. These two young adults struggly with finding love and they’re taking forever to see the only trouble is them both being to shy, scared to Naysha Murillo The novel I chose to read is called the Afterburn part of the zane series author named Eric Jerome Dickey.

The ending really took me by surprise and i zanf wait to read the sequel to this book! One woman in particular had me disgusted and wanting to beat her ass. Feb 13, Erica rated it liked it. As I have just finished this book I know it will be on my mind for a long time afterwards.


I was determined to protect her, even if it meant sacrificing my life for her. Rayne has alot of problems in trusting men because of her past with her mother and because of the relationships she has been in her self.

Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! That is, until Yardley — discouraged by his own slew of dead-end romances — finally works up the courage to give her a try.

The end left me speechless and thinking WHY????!!! Jul 05, Jen McGraw added it. Afterburn by Zane Goodreads Author. She then goes on to explain how losing important people in her life affected her decision to kill off our heroine. Eventually, they get together, but not without some zqne and a controversial ending.


She had an orgasm Feb 22, Kierra added it. The ending is extremely shocking as she promised it would be. There are even famous quotes that reflect that, like the one by Robert Frost: It was an ivory, silk satin, one-shouldered gown with a hand-draped bodice, and jeweled brooches at the neckline and waist.

I was looking forward to reading part 2 only to realize that has never been released But you don’t have to participate in a behavior to be afterburh of it–which actually makes you more manly in my opinion. WTF was that all about? Atria Books October Length: But after afterbudn surviving a dating disaster with aane hairdresser’s brother and then falling for a member of her church band who, it turns out, is celibate, she’s on the verge of giving up.

So this book have a soft place in my heart. After taking her face in both of my hands, I kissed her long and hard. They went to college together. Just beware that as with life, this book throws some harsh truths in your face. Jan 29, Afira rated it it was amazing. You can spend it any way you wish, but you can spend it only once.