Editorial Reviews. Review. The New York Times Arguably not since Nancy Friday has Afterburn: A Novel – Kindle edition by Zane. Download it once and read. Read Afterburn by Zane by Zane by Zane for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Blessings, Zane Solitaire: Afterburn 2. Zane Every man dies. Not every man really lives. -William Wallace From the Journal of Yardley Brown October

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Afterburn | Book by Zane | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Afterburn 2, I have decided to return the love and post the beginning of the book. Afterburn 2 Zane Every man dies. Not every man really lives. I still yearn for her—my heart, my soul, my body are all left craving. Everyone says that life continues on after tragedy. There are even famous quotes that reflect that, like the one by Robert Frost: Since I am still alive, I can only believe that my mission on Earth has not been completed.

But what is that mission? Rayne Waters was my entire life, ripped away from me by a bullet simply because two mentally unstable crack addicts needed a quick fix. She had never done anything to harm a soul; nothing. She was the epitome of what life is supposed to be: I still cannot believe that today is the third anniversary of her death.

In some ways, the time has passed quickly; elapsed away like I am driving through life on cruise control at two hundred miles per hour. In other ways, time has transpired slowly. Maybe that is because I spend so many nights alone, staring at the digital clock on top of my television as I toss and turn trying to fall to sleep in order to escape the pain.

It is so awkward to sleep without Rayne by my side. Sometimes I close my eyes and visualize Rayne in my bed; her arm lying gently across my chest, lightly snoring as I bury my nose in her hair, drowning in her feminine scent. A man is supposed to be tough, the protector. But no one ever seems to discuss the protection of the man from pain, from agony, from self-destruction. Every now and then, I open up to Braden, but as much as he loves me like a son, and mentors me as a man, he could not possibly understand my suffering.

He has been married to Memory for almost thirty years. Three wonderful children, eight incredible grandchildren. He is a man who has truly lived a fulfilled life… beside of the woman he loves.

Oh, how I wish that Rayne and I had been given that opportunity. I would trade my life to even have three years of marriage to Rayne; a tenth of the time that Braden has shared with Memory.

Sometimes I feel like I have been cheated but I also feel blessed to ever have known Rayne in the first place. My parents drive down from Maryland to visit me on occasion. Her heart aches for me and I wish that it did not have to be that way, but there is nothing that I can do to console her when I am a zombie, barely functioning throughout the daily course of life.


My father tries to encourage me to settle down with someone else, as if Rayne can be replaced with the snap of my fingers.

No one can zne Rayne; not now, not ever. I feel like a rib has been torn from my body, like my breathing has completely ceased. I have no fear of death; my greatest fear is of living a year longer, a decade longer, a lifetime longer… without my dearest Rayne.


My soul may be returned to the heavens but my afterburh will remain with you for all eternity. Rayne loved for me to wash her back. She would always complain that no matter how many back-brushing gadgets there were on the market, she could never find one to reach the one spot that was always ny. That sounds so sexy! She always knew exactly where, and how, to touch me.

It took me too damn long to convince you to marry me in the first place. We both already realized that we belonged together. If a man has never had his woman wash his feet, it is one of the most incredible experiences of all.

To know that she cherishes him that much, to want each step that he takes to be a comfortable one. You say the kindest things.

Afterburn Book Summary and Study Guide

afetrburn We should get out. She stood up and I stared at her beautiful body; her perfectly round ass, her natural, succulent breasts, her long, wavy hair. Same drama, different day. She was right, but we all had to maintain hope. I started drying off with a towel as Rayne brushed out her hair in the mirror. I walked up behind her and leaned down to kiss her shoulder. My dick punched her in the lower back. Rayne turned around and grabbed my dick, and started rubbing her hand up and down my shaft.

She diverted her eyes down to my dick. Twenty minutes later, Rayne came back into the bedroom from the living room of her apartment. She looked drained; like the bath had done absolutely no good. I was propped up on some pillows, watching the Boston Red Sox and the St.

Louis Cardinals play for the title in the th World Series. Boston was already up three games and if they won this one, the citizens of Boston would be dancing and celebrating in the streets all night. I kissed her as passionately as I could, hoping that she would understand how much she meant to me. She pulled back slightly and stared at me.

I yearned to make love to her, to feel her pussy throbbing as it engulfed my dick, but that would have been a selfish act and I have never been a selfish man. She needed to be held, to feel secure, to feel protected. I was determined to protect her, even if it meant sacrificing my life for her. When I woke up the next morning, Rayne was already dressed and scurrying around the bedroom gathering her things for work.


I stretched and she looked at me. I need to get up anyway. Zaje came over to the bed and leaned down to kiss me on the lips. After taking her face in both of my hands, I kissed her long and hard. When we were finished, Rayne looked at aftebrurn and blushed. You took my breath away! The expression on her atterburn was one that will be embedded zabe my memory forever. It was like, deep down inside, she somehow discerned that she would never see me again.

Looking back, I have so many regrets about that moment. I should have held her zan longer.

I should have insisted that we dine out that night. If I had kept her home longer, maybe she would have stayed at the bank five or ten minutes longer to complete her some paperwork.

If I had taken her to one of our favorite restaurants, she would not have been in the market at all. But she was… and they killed her.

Zame was an ivory, silk satin, one-shouldered gown with a hand-draped bodice, and jeweled brooches at the neckline and waist. She would have looked like a princess walking down that aisle in the church. She did look like a princess when she was buried in it… along with the wedding band that I had planned to place on her finger and holding the bouquet that she had planned to carry. I buried Rayne with socks on her feet so she would not get cold; her feet were always so cold at night.

Even the sensation of her chilled feet rubbing against my calves at night, I miss. I will not give up on life, although that would be uncomplicated. It would be so effortless to drive my car off the nearest cliff, or to eat a bullet, but Rayne would not approve of that.

I would not have wanted her to do something that drastic if I had left this world first. But that still does not make survival any easier. I will go through the motions until that day, the best day of my life arrives; the day that I get to be reunited with Rayne in the afterlife.

I will hold her again. I will love her again. This simply cannot be the end. Sections of this page. Join or Log Afteerburn Facebook. April 18, at