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When AISC was issued, there were five prequalified connections ( Chapter 5 through 9). Since , four additional prequalified. Approved by the AISC Connection Prequalification Review Panel ANSI/AISC , Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment. ANSI/AISC ANSI/AISC s An American National Standard Prequalified Connections for. Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for.

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Column Limitations The columns shall satisfy the following limitations: The depth of built-up wide-flange columns shall not exceed that for rolled shapes.

Based on a review of this recent research, the prequalification of RBS connections is extended herein to include W36 W columns. Compute Vcf, the probable maximum shear at the face of collar flange, equal to the shear at the plastic hinge, Vh, plus any additional gravity loads between the plastic hinge and the outside face of the collar flange using the load combination of Step 2.

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Prohibited Welds at Steel Backing Tack welds for beam flange-to-column connections should be made within the weld groove. This shear force is a function of the gravity load on the beam a b Figure C The issue of lateral bracing requirements for beams with RBS connections was subsequently investigated in both experimental and analytical studies FEMA, f; Yu et al.

All test specimens used the WUF-W moment connection. Check the minimum column flange thickness to eliminate prying action: Sumner and Murray performed one test in which a slab was present.


Recognizing that it is costly and time consuming to perform such tests, the AISC Seismic Provisions also provide for prequalification of connections consisting of a rigorous program of testing, analytical evaluation and review by an independent body, the Connection Prequalification Review Panel CPRP. Specimens with both types of web connections have achieved at least 0.

These changes do not negatively influence the in-service behavior of uncracked shapes. The Supplement was finalized shortly after the completion of this Standard. End-plate stiffener layout and geometry for 8ES.

Consequently, RBS connections are prequalified for use with boxed wide-flange columns. Select a trial bracket from Table 9.

The influence of left-in-place steel backing is more severe on the bottom flange, as compared to the top flange, because at the bottom flange, the stress concentration from the backing occurs at the point of maximum applied and secondary tensile stresses in the groove weld, at the weld root, and at the outer fiber of the beam flange. The connection does not provide any contribution to inelastic 3358-10.


This weld shall be provided over the full length of the web between weld access holes, and shall conform to the requirements for demand critical welds in the AISC Seismic Provisions and AWS D1. Confirm that the number of bolts selected in Step 4 is adequate. Expected moment developed at a plastic hinge location along a member, considering the probable mean value of the material strength for the specified steel and effects of strain hardening. For fillet welds, the fillet weld should be held back one to two weld sizes from each clip.


The probable maximum moment at the face of the column shall be taken as Mpr, computed per Step 1.

Both block shear and buckling of the flange plate are treated as nonductile behaviors. Bracket Limitations The high strength cast-steel brackets shall satisfy the following limitations: 358-1, if required, may be finger shims or may be made with drilled or punched holes. It includes consideration of likely material overstrength and strain hardening. Prequalification of the WUF-W moment connection is based on the results of two major research and testing programs.

Hence, the inelastic deformation capacity achieved with BFP moment connections is among the best achieved from seismic testing of moment frame connections. Steven Hofmeister Gregory H.

Additional evidence supporting prequalification is derived from bolted T-stub connection tests FEMA, e; Swanson et al.

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Geometry for 4ES similar. Built-up Columns Four built-up column cross section shapes are covered by this Standard. Check beam design shear strength: Beam web-to-column flange connections shall satisfy the following limitations: