View and Download Akai XR10 operator’s manual online. 16 bit pcm drum machine. XR10 Music Equipment pdf manual download. This page contains information about the Operator’s Manual for the XR10 from Akai. Preview and download studio quality samples from the AKAI XR Download samples and manuals from some of the best electronic instruments.

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The drum machine always plays the Sounds programmed on each mnaual, so with the various scrolling options available to you, it’s easy to listen to a pattern in more-or-less real time while you’re in step-time mode.

I might have been more convinced if Akai had sought a more wholehearted, and more innovative, integration of the preset and the programmable – like being able to select User patterns from front-panel pads. THE XR10 ISN’T the best thought-out or the best specified drum machine in the world, but it does sound rather good, with a real meaty, beaty, big and bouncy sound.

Akai XR10 Operator’s Manual

The XR10 is a big improvement on Akai’s XE8 drum expander, has its own distinct character, and overall is a welcome addition at the budget end of the market.

Also, in order to erase a part recorded in this way, the relevant Sound has to be assigned to one of the XR10’s instrument pads first. Music Technology – Jun Small Print Terms of use Privacy. This parameter also comes in useful if you want to replace one of the XR10’s Sounds with an external sound.

What’s more, you should be able to do this while the machine is synced to MIDI clocks or MTC, so that you can create the song chain as you listen to, and perhaps record, other parts in the track.

Note entries system works in 2 different modes: Actually, it’s not as complicated as it might seem at first – which is probably a good thing, because if you make a mistake with your bracketing there’s no way you can get out of Song mode short of switching the machine off until you fix it. In trying to find a description of the XR10’s overall sound, I keep coming back to “gritty and razor-sharp’; the more usual “punchy and tight” are also appropriate.


Created sequences and songs can be data dumped to Midi exclusives protocol. The 50 rhythm Presets, which are listed across the XR10’s front panel for ready selection, include the Latin rhythm staples of the xkai machine – samba, mambo, cha cha, beguine, bossa nova, rhumba and salsa.

A more informative error message than “Oops! All this can go on within one Song step if you want, but the idea is more that you can repeat sections within sections within skai of a Song – providing you can keep track of what you’re doing. Hopefully we’ll be able to find out soon.

The aforementioned User Manuql locations can be very useful here, as they allow you to create several versions of a Sound which can then be assigned to different instrument pads. Memory battery replacement, a standard soldered Cr 3V on the mainboard.

Similarly, having to enter a pattern length and a time signature every time you record a new pattern becomes very laborious why not allow user defaults? Basically it’s more appealing sonically than it is operationally, but then people hear the sounds, not the operation.

Akai – XR10 – Operator’s Manual

Each Preset Sound has 12 parameters: The intro, break, fill-in and end rhythms rx10 each one bar long. The combination of MIDI sequencer and sampler has become an increasingly common substitute for a drum machine, for those who can afford it.

The variations, which are the main rhythms, are each two bars long, but you can get the XR10 to play either the first or the second bar by holding down the Timing Correct pad and tapping the relevant Variation pad first bar or Fill-in pad second bar.

  DIN 38414 S4 PDF

I couldn’t get the drum machine to sync to an external MIDI device as either master or slave in Pattern mode, despite the manual’s intimation that this should be possible in Pattern Write mode when the drum machine’s “MIDI clock” parameter is on.

SOUNDS THE XR10 PROVIDES you with ten kicks, ten snares, two rimshots, three hi-hats closed, mid and open12 toms 4 x low, mid and hightwo crash cymbals, one ride cymbal, one choke cymbal, handclaps, finger click, four congas, vibraslap, two guiros, cabasa, tambourine, orchestral hit, triangle low and high, cowbell, claves, whistle, squeak low and high, timbales low and high, agogo low and high, and chop a slapped bass.

The time between MIDI note on and note off transmission is quite short, so you might find that you need to tailor the amplitude envelope s of any external synth sound s janual you want to play in this way. Accents can be recorded per note in the usual drum machine fashion by holding down the Accent pad when you play the relevant akzi.

Pattern Record mode also allows you to select Copy and Delete options. With the MPC60 they effectively brought the sequencer and the sampler to the beatbox, while the XE8 drum expander dropped onboard sequencing altogether. Still, that’s enough on this subject.

Meanwhile, if you hold down the Timing Correct pad and an instrument pad you can record a series of notes at a fixed quantisation anything from 8th to 96th notes. For each pad hit, the XR10 records the pad and the Bank it’s in.

All the samples have plenty of presence and dynamism – you couldn’t accuse the XR10 of sounding wimpy, by any stretch of the imagination.