The referenced article was written by Albert Z. Carr. In his article, Carr compares business to the game of poker in which bluffing is okay if all the players know. Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from “Business Ethics Perspectives on in the prestigious Harvard Business Review, the author, Albert. Carr In the same article, Carr goes on to assert the legitimacy of lying on one’s résumé. The Role of Moral Intensity and Fairness Perception in Judgments of Ethicality: A Comparison of Managerial Professionals and the General Public.

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Instead, he argues that the principles governing our ordinary life also govern the business world. What if everybody made false promises on everything all the time? The sample essay is available to anyone, so any direct quoting without mentioning the source will be considered plagiarism by schools, aobert and universities that use plagiarism detection software.

Therefore, Carrs is right in claiming that business activities such as business bluffing are busineas morally wrong, that the only standard that people in business should follow is legality and profits. However, people are still attracted to the beautiful hair they see on television.

Albert Z. Carr, Is business bluffing ethical? – PhilPapers

Kant strongly suggests that thinking of a logical contradiction is one way to test whether a maxim can be universalized. By its own moral standards obeying the lawthese business practices are morally legitimate. These practices are morally legitimate. Similarly, there are cases, according to Carr, where bluffing is acceptable in the business world.

If one wishes to be successful in the world of business, or in this case even enter the business world, one has little choice but to deceive. After all, it would be ineffective. Business bluffing could affect the habits of consumers and that could lead to decreased profits which is bad for business.


Order an authentic, original, brand-new essay written exclusively for you! Therefore unless the businessman totally cheated and lied to them about his or her product, they keep buying this product. Singer – – Journal of Business Ethics 15 4: Contemporary Issues in Business Ethics. What constitutes ethical practice when it comes businesw writing a resume or disclosing information in a job interview?

You might think that business people would have loved Carr. So, the claim that business ethics must be different to accommodate this is unjustified. Possible arguments for 5 the moral legitimacy of violating ordinary morality while engaged in business.

This has been used as practical business strategy. What makes business ethics so difficult for many people is to recognize that what we are trying to do here is get some clarity about how the business world ought to function. In Carrs article Is business bluffing ethical? And, bluffiny is not a trivial reason, because changing them is the right thing to do from an ethical standpoint.

To get a completely brand-new, plagiarism-free essay, please use our essay writing service. Consider the example he cites about an applicant filling out a psychological profile. According to Kant an action which can be universalized should be considered as a morally right. Legal and Ethical Issues. Robertson – – Journal of Business Ethics 12 8: Therefore business bluffing can pass the test of universality.

A literature review with a focus on marketing ethics.

Example research essay topic: Is Business Bluffing Ethical – 1,613 words

A second point is that business in general only has the obligation to follow the law. But, that is the exact opposite of what businesses want.


In his theory a,bert Utilitarianism, Mill argues that if an action can cause both good and bad consequences, the way to judge whether this action is morally right or wrong depends on which action produces more happiness. Vluffing, there is a strong pressure to deceive in business.

Its Demise as a Subject Unto Itself. Business people dont mind business bluffing being universalized.

Example research essay topic Is Business Bluffing Ethical

If you talk a good game of ethics today you might save yourself from more intrusive laws and regulations tomorrow. The question is whether this is justified. Games, Deception, and the Morality of Bluffing.

Since bluffing is often mistaken for cheating, the difference between them should first be made clear. Patricia Illingworth – – Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 25 1: Carr seems to take as his starting point a catch This is not only the case with shampoo commercials, but all kinds of other products. This is how business people ought to act; it is the right way to act in business; business people who act this way are virtuous. Both customers and firms accept business bluffing and thus it goes on all the time.

In addition, Mill also advocates producing the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. The two points seem to go hand in hand. The example Gillespie gives is instructive.