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Apr 22, Nicole rated it it was ok Shelves: Alexander was educated by a tutor who happened to be a greek philosopher named Aristotle.

He was historical adviser to the film director Oliver Stone for the epic Alexander. When we get into the ‘revenge’ that Macedons and Greeks need to pay the Persians, the story is fast running and vivid. In doing so, Greek became the lingua franca of the region, and resulted in the New Testament being written in the language. His example of understanding the cultures he conquered and turning their existing rulers and traditions into instruments of rule must have also influenced wise leaders from the Apostles to the victors of the Second World War.

While there was quite a long interlude between the defeat at Platea and the conquest of Lxne, there was always a tension between the two powers. Trivia About Alexander the Great. Connquistador 12, Bruce rated it really mundk it. It’s a wonderfully balanced book, which loves Alexander in a clear-eyed, pragmatic way, and argues against his being a tyrant without needing to romanticise him into someone who intended some sort of brotherhood of man.

Fox wrote that cavalry broke the infantry fist and then the phalanx marched over the disorganized enemy troops. Goodreads alejanddro you keep track of books you want to read.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Apr 26, Bobby24 rated it it was amazing.

Alexander the Great

Who murdered Alexander’s mother? When Alexander met Roxanne, he immediately fell in love with her, He eventually got married to her. Bonaparte never shed tears of remorse for those who died in his cause, and was in every point of comparison a far lesser man than Alexander.

This is a comprehensive read, and I believe that all those who a I took such a long time to finish this, but it is so worth it. I would assume that anyone reading this review also loves history and probably already knows the story of Alexander the Great, but if you haven’t read this history, you aren’t finished.


In many ways it is a story outlining the conquests of Alexander and exploring many of the themes behind it and exploring the character of the conqueror. The only problem is that the author tells you about everything Alexander experienced, you can aboid thpse complex war scenes or maneuvers described in detail if you wish so.

Dec 08, Niki rated it liked it.

Alexander the Great by Robin Lane Fox

His books include The Classical World: Fox does a good job in aiding one’s understanding. Granted there was Frederick the Great of Prussia, who began the road that led Germany to become a superpower at the turn of the 20th Century, but there is also Herod the Great.

One of Persia’s greatest threats to Greece was its large fleet, but Alexander, whose fleet rel inferior, chose not to engage it in battle. Brilliant book, i finished it about two weeks ago and its still bubbling away in alejandor head, it was written in the ealy ‘s but its likely still the best book on him, i certainly won’t be reading further on Alexander because i felt nothing more needs to be said.

Excellent – lots of details of Alexander’s battles and conquests but aleiandro painstaking analysis of what the stories might tell us about the man behind the myths. To view it, click here. Amazing how the author was so young but so knowledgeable when he wrote it. When he died in BC aged thirty-two, his From award-winning historian Robin Lane Fox, Alexander the Great searches through the mass of conflicting evidence and legend to focus on Alexander as a man of his own mund. Overall, this book teaches the readers zlejandro lot about the ruler who united the greek empire.

Alexander the Great is a very important person in the development of the Western World. Had Alexander lived longer, they may well have influenced how he ruled and how he expected his subjects to behave. There are some words which are highly complex to pronounce and even to understand some Greek names and such.

It is very hard to have known the Persians without loving them, which I think he did. I once asked somebody why he was earned the moniker ‘The Great’ when the most famous thing that he did was slaughter all of the children under the age of 2 in the region of Bethlehem. It wasn’t about Alexander, but rather the incredible strength and endurance of the individuals making up that Only Once Ever army.


It lays out, line by line, Alexander’s life. When King Philip was assassinated by one of his own bodyguards, Alexander then became king of Macedonia.

The fruit of years of research, this book dives into mountains of archeological research to portray this young conqueror of the known world who died too young to see his empire survive even a single generation. Jan 14, Hesamul Haque rated it it was amazing. How did Alexander die? One of the most interesting things I learned from the book was the age of many in his army by the end their incredible journey and giant adventure.

Jan 20, Cliff Ward rated it it was amazing. I found my answer in the last chapter, which is the single best essay I have found to date of Alexander’s gift to the world–the liveliest political culture in the world: Despite the fact that some parts of the story seem fictional, this story is alekandro a true story.

I took such a long time to finish this, but it is so worth foz. Although I had to slog through some portions, I’d recommend it to anyone interested in classical history, or curious about the man behind the legend. One of Persia’s greatest threats to Greece was its large fleet, but Alexander, whose fleet was inferi The Persian Empire had stood like an indestructible rock for two hundred years.

It contains a HUGE amount of information, but even so the author has a habit of presuming that you already have certain knowledge, or that you will magically be able to understand why he draws the conclusions he has. While it can sometimes be dry, the book as a whole is wonderful for students of history like myself.