that of Aleksandr Dugin’s neo-fascist treatise, Foundations of Geopolitics. 2 The impact of this intended “Eurasianist” textbook on key elements among. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Aleksandr Dugin’s Foundations of Geopolitics | One perceptive observer of the Russian political scene. I came across this topic as I myself was looking for an English translation of ” Foundations of Geopolitics” by A. Dugin to share with my.

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Other than that, fully agree. Unfortunately, this means we should probably focus and stop speculating on whether Trump treated ambassador Kislyak to a nice dinner before some hot, meaty lovemaking.

It’s an obvious strategic move to try to regain some of that territory, especially after Ukraine has tried to join the EUa clear threat to Foundationz power in the region. The translated version will most likely be coming in a few weeks. We’re removed his comments as he most certainly arguing in bad faith.

The book has had a large influence within the Russian military, police, and foreign policy elites[1] and was allegedly used as a textbook in the General Staff Academy of Russian military.

Remember the “Russian Homestead Act”?

The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia : geopolitics

Don’t make me do this again. It’s the fact that the ideas in his book, are strategically being implemented right NOW by the Kremlin. Dugin lays out some obvious and general political philosophies that may simply be popular amongst Russian military strategists. Geo;olitics and Germany could reduce Russia’s conventional military to burning hulks if the Russians invaded.


Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia: English Translation

I’m a bot working hard to help Redditors find related videos to watch. Post as a guest Name. He’s criticized Putin for not being more aggressive in Ukraine, and Putin has kept him at foundationd safe distance so he can harness the crazy without Dugin calling him at 3: Out of nowhere they quote Mr. Perhaps we will have to see over the next several years to see how the Russo-Chinese relationship develops, but to me it feels like the same as if the United States were to try to destabilize the European Union, due to the prowess it could hold.

We are putting the cart before the horse.

It does not pay to underestimate Russia. Understand what you are saying but Trump beat the “free media” at their own game. Nov 01, Farah Young Journalist added it.

Did you mean that US did not promote democratic values? Kassya Maya rated it really liked it Mar 07, His alemsandr toward China is also extreme to a strange degree. I am trying to finish a little book that clarifies some of this but you might find recent lectures of mine at Brown, Penn, and the Kennan Institute interesting.

I don’t know, a surprisingly extreme zero-sum mindset? Sign up using Facebook.

Foundations of Geopolitics – Wikipedia

It foundationss be read here: If the Chinese are still buttmad about Taiwan, what makes him think that he can grab huge chunks of China, give them compensations, and expect that the Chinese will be happy about this?


You are clearly just arguing in bad faith. We do not tolerate sexism, racism, anti-semitism, homophobia, bigotry, or any other forms of intolerance towards different nationalities, religions, or other social groups.

And I know that duin outweigh relations, but have the Chinese and Russian leaderships not developed a relationship? RT is a fringe publication at best for the domestic US audience. Since there is no link to even partial work, this answer itself is somewhat speculative.


Great way to start a war that Russia could only lose. Sorry you’re just too far off with this one.

Note that the fact that the english is widely used in the world could make translation to english more likely than translation from english. My point is, all of Russia’s actions are just as easily, if not more easily, explained through a realism lens rather than Dugin’s, quite frankly, deranged synthesis of Bolshevism and Fascism.

We dont live in a fairy tale, so it doesnt promote it the same in SA and EU, because the world is a bit a lot more complicated. By themselves, carrots will always work better than sticks.

There are other communities for that.