Lucene service property, Example setting, What is it? Content Indexing, Yes, This enables Lucene based content indexing. Index Directory. Full text search configuration properties for Solr and Lucene indexes for the Solr and Lucene indexes, contained in the ties file. batchSize = Batch size (Alfresco indexing parameter): The indexer stores a list of. It depends if you’re using the older in-transaction Lucene indexing, or the newer SOLR indexing. If you’re using SOLR, the steps are given in.

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From what we have seen, we have an issue with the unique ID given by Lucene to each document actually changing sometimes when adding or deleting a document to the index To find all subclassifications of ‘cm: Content Indexing Yes This enables Lucene based content indexing.

These are all categories in the ‘cm: If you try to follow these relationships via the node service this will not work. Lucene service property Example setting What is it? If a property is both indexed and tokenized, as defined on the property, only the tokens generated from its string representation will go in the index.

Tokenizers are language-specific, so are the stop words and the actual tokens generated, as they may be specific to the tokenizer.

The standard Lucene query parser does not allow wild cards at the start for performance reasons. In the default configuration, MLText is only identified by language – country and variants are ignored. I need help to know more about what is causing the index corruption.


This can be useful while debugging systems to see exactly what is being indexed, alfdesco do not set this to true on production slfresco.

Instead, manage your indexes via the Solr tooling Alfresco provides.

Full text search configuration properties for Solr and Lucene indexes

When searching, the locale s to use can be specified on the SearchParameters. At search time, the users locale is used for tokenization. The modifications are to support:. Query parameters define and substitute values into queries.

If the entire query is not supported by the database query engine, it is run against Solr instead. Some words, such as ‘the’, are excluded as tokens by some tokenizers. This cache is designed to avoid a disk read and synchronization when finding the noderef association with a lucene document Lucene currently synchronizes on lhcene a document.

More than this and we start merging deletions and transforming overlays to indexes. So to find nodes that have the word ‘lazy’ in any alfresvo property:. At some point the Lucene result set will get bound to the transaction and closed automatically after the transaction commits. I have not found them to be very effective, but they come recommended by Alfresco Support.

These failures are not retried. Ordering on mltext will be undefined as it is effectively multi-valued.

Configuring the Lucene search service | Alfresco Documentation

To understand overall Index Structure and how the different subindexes relate to each other see Index Version 2. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Sign up using Facebook. In the following cases, the query will go to the database but the result might not be as expected.

Reasons why lucene indexes get corrupt [Alfresco ] – Stack Overflow

Sign up using Email and Password. For example, to find the direct members of the top level category ‘cm: The rows returned in the result sets from the public SearchService bean are filtered to contain only the nodes to which the user executing the search has read access. How to trigger re-indexing of the alfresco repository?

Each row in a result set refers to a node in the repository. If not, your queries may be slower than expected.

It is not yet possible to specify locale on upload. However, if you wish to change them, we recommend that you add the relevant property to the alfresco-global. In this case the result set returned may not be attached to a transaction and the try Refer to the general properties.

Alfresco Full Text Search. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.