The Alula-TREK is ready to start the journey no matter where you go. The world’s most popular birdsimilar RC Nurflügler is back and smarter than ev. The alula-TREK is the latest version of the the world’s most popular bird-inspired RC glider. The ultra lightweight and packable airframe is perfect for travel and. Often after climbing for awhile I simply loose the thermal and the Alula-Trek starts gliding down. Then the search for the next thermal begins or I.

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I found hand flying in the early morning at the local park before work to be the most accurate way to test the handling and flight characteristics. Gives aula great confidence and means you can fly virtually anywhere. She even caught a thermal and kept going up and up until I put her over into a dive.

Dream-Flight Alula | Flite Test

First flights were straight forward glides and a couple of clicks of up elevator were used. This meant greatly reducing the movement for the elevator. I have found that I can best tell how my sailplanes are handling when there is no wind or breeze nor any lift as the sun has not started to heat things up. I’ll be checking back to see your progress!

Dream-Flight Alula Hand Launch Sailplane Review – RC Groups

I really enjoyed assembling my new Alula-Trek! This is my third Alula, and it has definitely improved in several ways. Retractable Landing Gear GT The completion of the model is possible for Modellbau-Einsteiger flider Vorkenntnisse. To start with a great service form Hyperflight and speedy delivery. I added two small drops of CA to one location and pushed the horn all the way in and held it firmly against the foam for thirty seconds.


Did you make an airfoil for the wing? Include 2 carbon fiber tubes in glier kit. Though I’m still to chicken to actually fly it It too is well assembled and the lead is heavy duty, a quality product.

I am looking forward for it as I retire Alula cira Great, are there any other discus launch gliders that you really like FT? I’ve passed my previous versions onto friends, now a little beaten up but still flying.

The control rod will fit between the two clevis sides. I am a new RC pilot, so please take my comments in perspective: Each piece weighs 5 grams. Jeff may have said it best when momentarily lost for words he waved at the electrics in the sky and pointed at the Alula in the air and said: I think I know alila great little hill I can fly from.


I thought it was set up as a percentage but maybe that is on a two aileron setup on a normal tail configuration? Often after climbing for awhile I glder loose the thermal and the Alula-Trek starts gliding down. My second one was a precision build for me anyway and flew like crap. Well, that’s my 2 cents!! Recommend This Article You need to log-in to rate glidef.


I fit the clevis pin through the top hole in the elevon control horn and the hole in the other side of the clevis and I had the open half of the clevis facing down. How does the Trek flying inverted?

Last edited by rkhoo; Jun 07, at Wow great review Mike! Thanks for the review and look forward to seeing how others try it out. I repeated the process on the other side.

You can learn more about the Alula on thier website: Modellbau Lindinger German German French. S-1 electric flying wing glider. It is usually a softer launch by me as I am depending on the breeze keeping the Alula-Trek aloft. Using my Exacto knife I cut out a space as far forward as possible for my Spektrum receiver making sure the wires would connect. The model was well packaged and arrived undamaged. I can see it would be fun to paint up like a bird too.

This really is a great little plane to take with you just about anywhere, it’s easy to fly and very relaxing in light winds on the slope. Build couldn’t be simpler, but as it was my first attempt at something like this I found getting the flight trim slightly more difficult than the instructions would have you believe, but I’ve finally got it about right; I think.