Heating: When the sun shines on the layered SOLVIVA SOLAR ROOF the . card, please contact me at: [email protected], or Anna Edey, 18 Solviva Road. This book is about one woman’s vision and commitment to learning to live sustainably and in harmony with life on Earth. Since Anna Edey has made one. Anna Edey. · Rating details · 63 ratings · 10 reviews. The story of an extremely profitable, working sustainable farm. Includes color illustrations and.

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This is a strange book! A How-To book it is not. It is a hodge podge of thoughts, green speak, observations, the authors past 20 years of life, some interesting applications of solar structures, much green speak, her experience with a greenhouse and the business it generated, more green speak, Whether written this way on purpose or not it is confusing.

It is a very disjointed book; more about so,viva persons philosophy of life than about a greenhouse that was heated and ssolviva by strictly solar methods.

She never made anns much on her operation and extrapolates from her own experiences that it is possible. They are manifestations of the laws of nature, free to all men and reserved exclusively to none. I’ve recently discovered Appropedia, which has a section on non-industrial construction. It seems to have an attitude that would produce less steem from your ears, and ajna Does anyone know anything about the Citrus in the Snow guy?

Someone else is selling his book now, but their listed phone number is disconnected. Clearly he is for real, there is a video on You Tube showing a small clip of a bunch of people IN the greenhouse being shown the citrus trees. There are a couple of comments that I WISH they had dealt with better; the clip is short and not informative. It would seem as though what he did was distantly related to what the ZED people do, but I have heard that he has tried three different systems which is troubling.

It’s really hard to find much info about geo air rather than the geothermal systems and those are WAY too expensive. The available space does not allow for the living quarters on the north side if the greenhouse is to be of any size beyond a hobby one, which is not the point.

Anyone have Solviva by Anna Edey? I’ve read mixed reviews on it, and cannot seem to find anyone who’s tried her methods. Just a lot of people saying how great what she’s written sounds no practical applications. So anyone have her book, try her methods Your post is the first I have heard I will do an internet search and see what you are talking about, I hope. You can read ‘parts’ of her book here http: Then read the book reviews at Amazon like this one: And somewhere else it tells how she rented Solviva to the current workers and they couldn’t keep it working as she did.

She blames this on the workers wanting time off to ski and such. Something smells fishy about all of this Basically she doesn’t ‘give anything away’ in her book so the reader cannot apply her methods and learn.

She makes claims not backed up by science or anyone else from what I can find so far. Sooooo this made me wonder if anyone around the forum had the book or an opinion on Anna’s claims? Also, I haven’t been able to find DIY How-To for building a completely natural heated and cooled house, but I have found builders showcasing their houses on the Net. And like Anna’s book they tell you about it without details so no one could re-produce it – Arrrrgggg! Anyone know of this type of construction info?

Personal I just hate this mentality of greed! I read most of it there, and THEN ordered my own copy!


Robust Acre

Boy I could go on and on steam leaking from earsbut I will just scowl and storm off in a huff! Maybe if we came up with the just over 2 grand and rented the place for a week we could learn about it.

Esey agree with you that many people who claim to want to help save the future of the world seem to want more to line their own pockets first. I just want to learn how to improve life and do less damage to the world.

I know a little bit. I’m very, very strong on the fundamentals, but have very little practical experience. To paraphrase an old saying, with my academic achievements and two dollars, you could buy a cup of coffee! It seems to have an attitude that would produce less steam from your ears, and mine Great info, and just what I was looking for.

I’m reading it over now – Hey Paul, I really think you should have a feature like Appropedia to go along with this forum. Some place eedey wisdom, info and knowledgeable articles, written by everyone, can solvifa like a library.

When someone posts something really good in the forum it eventually grows old and moves into the distant background. Unless you have the right key word you don’t know how to search for it. Something a lot like your articles, but with contributions from others. Jami, take it up in the “tinkering” forum and I’ll see what I can do. It’s an interesting book but not a “how to book”. More a philosophical book on how one should live rather than how to accomplish it.

I was dissapointed in the book. Get it from the library before you buy it. I have the book and while it’s got lots of great “ideas” and even case studies, it’s very short on details and how-to. I think I can gather a lot of what the author gets at subjectively, but even the title is misleading. Here are a few points of the book that bothered me. She was a test case for I believe Dow Corning for an experimental polymer greenhouse panel, meaning that she didn’t pay for much but the installation.

In the construction of a greenhouse of that scale that could be the difference between finacial feasibility and non feasibility. While her book is filled with cute anecdotes and stories, they contain very few hard “facts. An example is the aquaponic experiments netted “many pounds of fish,” yet failed to say how many there were, how much growth was sopviva in each fish, etc, edeey.

She wants to charge for the details IE plans for her various designs 5. Her book makes her annna somewhere between a capitalist not necessarily bad solvica an idealist. I say that because you can’t be sure if she doesn’t actually fully understand the concepts and has gotten lucky, or is just trying to squeeze a few dollars out of unsuspecting idealists. I hope that she’s genuine in her understanding and desire to solvia her ideas, and simply isn’t that good at marketing.

I don’t blame her for annz sharing her ideas for free, but if you’re going to write a book about something, at least include the details in that book, instead of stringing solfiva along like a cult leader.

Martha’s vinyard is where splviva built her innovative greenhouse. I did a bit of reading, and can’t find specifics of how many sunny days to cloudy days are typical for that location, but as a whole the mainland near Martha’s Vinyard typically has more sunny days than, say, the Pacific Northwest especially around edy. My point is, this model likely wouldn’t work everywhere. Now, with all that, I generally did like the book. I think it tells a good story. I think it’s inspiring, and made me do some brainstorming directly afterwards.

I think she has good ideas. If you do you will be sorely dissappointed. What a wonderfully detailed reply – My left brain loves it! I’m aolviva you pointed out that her results were based on her climate, this is easy to forget sometimes. All the replies here have been so helpful – causing me to search around in a different way than I was. However – the premise sklviva as close as one might come and so worth our efforts to achieve.


Here’s a how-to actually, mostly a scientific paper, but they do give dimensions and suppliers THis paper you have posted on greenhouses that are silviva by compost that also increases the carbondioxide availiable to the plants so increasing their growth has lots of really interesting things in it.

2 – About Anna and the work of SOLVIVA | SOLVIVA

I had heard that plants take up more carbon dioxide if there is more around so that the jungle in brazil really takes up an awfull lot of carbon dioxide but this article underlines anja much plants take up and how they just grow more if given more carbon annx and so the importance of having more plants as we have a really big carbon dioxide problem.

I used to like all the other reasons for permaculture type things but at this moment in history, the stopping global warming ideas grab me so hard as to erase the importance of other ideas.

Thanks Joel, that link worked. Their set up would be problematical for me as I don’t have a reliable constant source of compostable material. To say nothing of taking the finished stuff OUT. I’m looking for something less physically strenuous. The ZED guys talk so,viva having pools and such in their sunspace and what occured to me today was to wonder what would the result be if a person did a sort of mini swimming pool which could be heated with a rocket heater in the back of the greenhouse.

Someone posted a video on another thread that showed a system which was giving hot water in 6 minutes after starting up, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to run that hot water in pipes along the base of the pool to heat it if needed? What would the problems be in running the water through an aquaponics system, with the pool sitting in the system, not literally between the veggie trays and the fish?

If it was being circulated constantly and I was the only one using it, surely there would be no need for chlorine and such stuff?

The Vineyard Gazette – Martha’s Vineyard News | Robust Acre

I have arthritis and having access to even annx teeny tiny swimming pool would be absolute bliss. Any merit to the idea? He has a warmer climate than I do. Pam you have arthritis so cant dig but i have problems digging without solvifa and want to say, for others who dont have experience digging that i think people who do go at it slowly because though you can go at it fast you cant keep up fast for long in such a heavy job. It is better to work for a two hour stretch slowly than to go at it hammer and tongs and then give up you are so exhausted.

If you have money enough to sopviva a solvkva pool build it. If you line it with black tiles it will be harder to see if its clean or not but it will get warmer in the sun than it would with pale ones. Black absorbs all the lights rays while light colours reflect a lot of them. The sun does not heat water it heats objects in the water that then heat the water, the side of the po9ol maynot sem an object in the water but the sun will heat the sides of the pool and they will heat the water.