Water witch Isabelle Novak must form an uneasy alliance with earth witch Thomas Monahan to hunt and destroy a demon of tremendous power, even though. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Anya Bast tells a really passionate story and leaves you wanting more the Elemental Witch series will be a fantastic read. Anya Bast lives in the country with her Belgian husband, their tornado toddler of a daughter, and more cats, dogs, and rabbits than is sane. Ever since she was a.

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This is number 3 in a series. It has everything to love. Nov 15, Christine Kirchoff rated it really liked it. Sep 24, Ella Yoder rated it it was amazing.

I guess the key to me finishing the series is just to gobble it up in one fell swoop. I loved this hero.

Witch Blood (Elemental Witches, #2) by Anya Bast

In fact, I was so intrigued by his character that Bazt knew almost immediately the next book in the series would be his. Chicago, Illinois United States. Between the long introduction of Theo and a couple of plot twists toward the end of this book, I am actively looking forward to book 4.

Their romance builds nicely from sexual tension to a more solid relationship- perhaps even devotion. She certainly never gets any personality. There were definitely redeem Maybe 3. A bit disappointed with the story maybe because I was expecting too annya from the teaser. I hope you enjoy discovering Isabelle and Thomas as much I did while I was writing them.


But what really sent it over the top for me was his telling her that he no longer loved or wanted his dead wife but only loved her. While I enjoyed the first two, this edition was a little harder to read. Devlin Were Zoo Book Five. And I’m sor Meh, nothing too special. In Witch Firehis withc was in dire need of a night absolute reckless abandon, something to ana him to loosen his tie a little.

The second book in her witch series. It’s the fight of determination and I enjoy reading it. Thomas insisting that his wife, Isabelle, would kill him if he didn’t save the woman that saved her husband.

This is by far the best I’ve read in this series. I was annoyed by his over use of the pet name baby.

Elemental Witches Series

I loved the love triangle between Isabella, Stefan, and Thomas just between me and you I was routing for Stefan. Quit with the vagueness Bast. Bawt will be another series I’m giving up on. Just as she is witcch to kill the evil Stefan the car they are in lurches to a stop and the door opens. Trivia About Witch Blood Elem Do we need so many? I want to see where the unfolding revelations take the overall sotry arc.

Things get even more personal, however, when the attraction between Isabelle and Thomas leads from mind-blowing sex to something more long-lasting and deeper – something Isabelle, with her long history of independence and fear, yearns for. Bast inserted so many sex scenes that it began to interfere with the plot. A few more pages will take care of that little detail. This is the third book of the Elemental Witch basst.


In a way, their sex is about healing their pasts.

Witch Blood

And this one is filled with that Character wise, it’s nice to know background of Adam and his dead wife. However, I’m not sure I’m interested enough to read the next two books in the series – which I have The actual plot of this was rather interesting. This is a story of a water witch named Isabelle who’s out for revenge.

More of this Elemental Witch world is revealed, including tantalizing glimpses into another dimension full of demons who may not be all that different from bloos human world- or as evil as believed. Claire AmadeusAdam Tyrell.

The her As a child the heroine and her sister were pretty much abandoned by their mother who spent most of her time bouncing between one wealthy man and another. Wotch a demon keeps drawing them apart. When this series start it’s more on the witches vs. Elemental Witches 4 books. Chicago, Illinois United States. I prefer the bas to be as strong or slightly stronger than the man, and I’m not into ana pinning her hands above her head thing as his idea.