See more of Coptic Orthodox Theological Library on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Coptic Orthodox Theological Library on Facebook. 93 The expression “Star of the Wilderness” in Arabic is البرية كوكب where the word كوكب r.,whereas the translation in the Arabic Psalmody is كوكب الصبح. The Holy Psalmody (or Tasbeha in Arabic) is a Holy time where the believers gather in order to pray together to the Lord, praising Him for His.

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Though the enemy has decided to pursue, overtake and divide the spoil, trying to destroy us, he cannot and will not touch those who follow God.

Many verses from this hymn are taken from the midnight prayers of the Agpeya, reminding us once again to be like the five wise virgins, who prepared themselves for the coming of the bridegroom the Gospel reading of the first service of the midnight prayers of the Agpeyaand also like the sinful woman, who went earnestly before the Lord, to seek His forgiveness and to live with Him the Gospel of the second service of the midnight prayers of the Agpeya.

The Lord is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? Hypostasis is also used to describe the one Person of Christ, who is both truly divine and truly human. He was a writer who focused his studies and writings on the end of the world. The third and final part of Psalm deals with the praise of the Church in which heaven and the earth are connected, through His grace.

Psalmody Book w/Coptic Presentations Translation

The bread which came from heaven is not some incorporeal thing. David psalmosy Prophet says. We remind them that it is through the Cross that Jesus descended into Hades Ephesians 4: Another wonderful meditation psa,mody the golden censor, is found when we look at the wonderful aroma that came forth from it.


Oh, save me for Your mercies sake! How can we pray to our Lord if we do not recognize who He is? His aim is to discourage us from the path of salvation and in doing so, cause us to return and desire the life of bondage of sin and slavery. We are then brought to the point of qrabic in the Third Canticle. The third beautiful meditation that can be taken from this wonderful praise of the three youths and their desire to ask the creation to praise God, is taken from H.

There are many more references such as 1 Kings The simplicity behind these symbols is very clear to the believer. This is an important verse concerning the incarnation of God. This seemingly straightforward passage is essential in the prayer of the Sunday Psali of our Lord Jesus. The pilgrim was comforted, and desired to learn psalmocy to pray without ceasing.

And its wick-trimmers and their trays shall be of pure gold. He drove out error, He led back truth, He made our arabuc fruits mount to the royal throne. After we read that the soldiers had died because of the heat of the furnace, our attentions are brought to a wonderful verse:.

We went from asking for our physical needs, to abiding in the presence of God, being one with Him since it was the Son who asked that this may be done. The rod of Aaron is another symbol of St.

Elizabeth prepare for the coming of the great forerunner, St. This beautiful passage mentions many wonderful things. If we study the censor, we can notice that there is a base in which the coal is carried.


In other words, the repentant individual must learn how to pray, and depend solely on God, never on himself. King David the Prophet writes in Psalm 51. Mary in order to come, but He chose her and she humbly accepted the will of God.

Coptic Heritage | The Spirituality of the Holy Psalmody

Which is the proper path to take? He took away your pride when He let you get hungry and then fed you with manna, which neither you nor your ancestors had ever seen. They follow the same pattern, so we will meditate on them in a collective manner. Mary was indeed the Theotokos, this led many to believe that it was his great knowledge in the matter and his great love in keeping the honor of St.

Examples of such are the three youths, who were thrown in the fiery furnace.

Agpeya, Liturgy, Psalmody and Coptic Book of Psalms

Love itself is new and eternal; therefore is it forever new, because it never grows old. What a beautiful promise God has given to those who have cried to Him even when they were bound by sin! When we speak of the Lord Jesus Christ, we say the same thing.

Every prayer you make, every Psalm you sing, is recorded; every alm, every fast is recorded St. We can look at these in a superficial manner and declare that we should praise God, but if we meditate further on these things we will notice wonderful araic.

The beauty of this story is evident in the following events after the furnace was made hotter:.