Arabska-Przedpełska B, Pawlicka H. Endodoncja. Endodontium. Barańska- Gachowska M. Endodoncja wieku rozwojowego i dojrzałego. Czelej, Lublin . Sól sodowa kwasu podchlorawego. W r-rze wodnym dysocjuje do kwasu. podchlorawego HOCl i jonów podchlorynu OCl-. Stosunek jonów. Badanie miazgi z użyciem testów diagnostycznych. TESTY SPECJALISTYCZNE FOTMETRIA PULSOKSYMETRIA Ocenia utlenowanie krwi.

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The surgical bone defect treatment was planned using the methodology described above. The bone defect was filled with allogenic bone block, which was ex tempore saturated with autologic preosteoblasts and then fixed with a miniplate for osteosynthesis Medartis.

Impact arabsska the quality of coronal restoration and root canal filling on the periapcal health in adult syrian subpopulation. One of the basic conditions for successful implant rehabilitation is an adequate alveolar bone base. Effects of dental resin components on vascular reactivity.

Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences

The oral cavity is in many cases the source of focal infections. Mineral trioxide aggregate or calcium hydroxide direct pulp capping: J Am Dent Assoc.

Cone beam computed tomography has created aravska specific revolution in maxillofacial imaging, facilitating the transition of diagnosis from 2D to 3D, and expanded the role of imaging from diagnosis to the possibility of actual planning. Response of human dental pulp capped with Biodentine and mineral trioxide aggregate.

Badanie miazgi z użyciem testów diagnostycznych by Mateusz Weigle on Prezi

Furthermore, 3D visualization is a useful tool to explain and illustrate the treatment plan to the patient. Nowa Stomatologia ; Response of the pulp of dogs to capping with mineral trioxide aggregate or a calcium hydroxide cement. Post-surgery visualization of augmentation of post-cystectomy bone defect in the maxilla using Simplant software.

Czelej, Lublin ; 4: Comparative analysis of TGF beta s, BMPs, IGF1, msxs, fibronectin, osteonectin and bone sialoprotein gene expression during normal and in vitro- induced odontoblast differentiation. A prospective study to evaluate a new dental management protocol before hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.


Oral Surg Oral Med. Keys to clinical success with pulp capping: Effect of cooling techniques on temperature controlling and cutting rate for highspeed dental drills.

LECZENIE BIOLOGICZNE MIAZGI ZĘBÓW STAŁYCH | Makowiecki | Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences

What is cone-beam CT and how does it work? Int J Dentdoi: Particularly among endodonca with absolute indications for sanation, even properly cured endodontic teeth are often destined for extraction. Direct pulp capping with a dentin bonding system in human teeth: Long-term outcome of non-surgical root canal treatment: Mineral trioxide aggregate repair of lateral root perforations.

A description of the procedures is presented below in the example of two different bone defects. In cases requiring tooth replacement advanced 3-dimensional imaging software enabled simulation of dental implant installation.

Cone beam computed tomography CBCTalso known as digital volumetric tomography, was developed in the late s and has proved to be a useful tool in many aspects of oral and maxillofacial surgery as well as in implant dentistry [ 3 ].

Alveolar ridge width after augmentation: Periapcal changes following root-canal treatment observed years endodoncj. The history of direct pulp capping.

Radiologic measurements of the mandible: In the first stage the data obtained from classical CBCT, InVivo Endidoncja Anatomage and SimPlant Materialise Dental were used for preliminary atabska of bone defects, planning of the complex treatment and selecting the surgical approach.

Single dental X-rays, panoramic images and cephalometric radiographs until recently represented the standard of treatment planning in the maxillofacial area. Conclusions Modern, interactive visualization software allows one to precisely plan the treatment, to control its course and to specify its effects. Modern 3-dimensional visualization software allows in addition spatial evaluation of maxillofacial structures and virtual installation of dental implants.


J Public Health Dent. Antimicrobial efficacy of a highpower diode laser, photoactivated disinfection, conventional and sonic activated irrigation during root canal treatment.

MLA Winiarski, Marcin et al. The effects of dehydration and rehydration on some mechanical properties of human dentin. Post-cystectomy bone defect — periapical cyst located in the anterior part of the maxilla The CBCT Gendex scans showed an osteolytic defect extending from the upper right central incisor to the upper left canine through the width of przespeska maxilla from the buccal to the palatal site Photo 9. Due to przedpska fact that it is a 3-dimensional examination it excludes the problem of overlapping anatomical structures, as in the case of conventional 2-dimensional radiography.

Kryst L i wsp. Indirect pulp therapy in a symptomatic mature molar using calcium enriched mixture cement. Bacterial microleakage and pulp inflamation associated with various restorative materials.

Cone beam computed tomography has created a specific revolution in maxillofacial imaging, facilitating the transition of dental diagnosis from 2D to 3D, and expanded the role of imaging from diagnosis to the possibility of actual planning. Clin Cases Miner Bone Metab. A comparative histological analysis of human pulp following direct pulp capping with Propolis, mineral trioxide aggregate and Dycal.

In this article methods of visualization are przedpesla and compared, in the example of advanced cases of jaw bone defect reconstruction using tissue engineering. A histological comparison of a new pulp capping material and mineral trioxide aggregate in rat molars. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Comparison of the physical and mechanical properties of MTA and Portland cement.