, Platform: Web Forms, Product: ASPxHtmlEditor, Type: Question, Subject: How to save (export) ASPxHtmlEditor. ASPxHtmlEditor Members · ASPxHtmlEditor Constructor Export( HtmlEditorExportFormat, Stream) Method Export(HtmlEditorExportFormat, String) Method. Hi Support, We are exporting PDF using ASPxHtmlEditor. Problem: We want to setup the printed page settings and want to control the page.

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XtraGrid aspxhtmleditof How to automatically put search text in quotation marks in Filter Panel. How to get information about a geographical point using the MS Bing Geocode data provider. How to apply master filtering in code.

Post as a guest Name. Iuse linq queries and Custom fields on model. Module project as described in the corresponding documentation; 3.

Fill dtMsg ; if dtMsg. BossRoss 7 Mail Merge toolbar and select a format to publish the document. Sign up using Email and Password. Txt, stream ; stream. Refer to the A reusable XAF module for storing model settings in the database security system type insensitive!

If we knew the meaning we would not need an example anyhow. Export method and passed back to the datasource.

DevExpress Support Center (Examples)

If multiple users try to resize charts, the server may not be able to handle a very large amount of requests at once. Locate the DatabaseUserSettings component in the Toolbox and drop it on the designer surface as described in the “Add expkrt Custom Module” section.


Seems like only Configurator should see it. Vitaly Alekseev Sibintek at: Note that if you run this sample aspzhtmleditor is, you will get a warning message informing you that the specified Bing Maps key is invalid. The approach described in this aspxhtmledotor is a proof of the concept, but it should not be used in any real-life scenario. In this sample, a static list of values is provided for a parameter in code. Also, this has been an issue since the first iterations of this.

If you make changes to the Win model at the highest level Model.

Rebuild your solution and invoke the Module Designer for the YourSolution. AFAIR the new security system does not need an anonymous user any more?

Email Required, but never shown. Export method is used.

DevExpress Support Center (Examples)

aspdhtmleditor How to assign a list of dynamic values to a report parameter. How to manage user settings aspxhttmleditor, merge, import, export, etc. MeasureText msgBody, font ; txtMessageBody. Pawel Rymarczyk 1 at: Use the Visual Studio search facilities to locate them What’s the meaning of: Include the DatabaseUserSettings project into your solution; 2.


Are you the publisher? To learn more about the Bing Maps key, please refer to the How to: Add ” Lang”, SqlDbType. EntityType and exact coordinates LocationInformation. In this example, the SetMasterFilter method is used to select the required rows in the Grid’s dashboard item.

But now i’ve a question: How to use the dxChart in an ASP.

c# – ASPxHtmlEditor resize with text inside – Stack Overflow

Is there a ay to do this? The main idea of this approach is to use the PdfDocumentProcessor class functionality to load the PDF document and convert its pages to images.

It does not seem like it from the code, but wanted to be sure. Please note that this example can’t run on the Web because it requires file creation during its running, but the file creation is prevented on our example server. Dennis, Thanks a lot for this.

So I managed to find a way.