This update presents rules for a variety of Space Marine characters, most of which were originally Lord Asterion Moloc is a HQ choice for a Codex: Space. Asterion Moloc – posted in + Index Astartes +: What an incredible model, and such incredible rules to go with him. I think its absolute Heresy that. I’d recommend the Asterion Moloc model if nothing else. Currently FW chapters don’t have their own chapter tactics rules, they are supposed.

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Your ad here, right now: Primaris marines, remember that the new gene tech is asterrion by Guilliman and Cawl, and high lords don’t often see eye to eye with Guilliman.

Lord Moloc is still a beast in 8th Asteion. Those Minotaurs are a very slow moving project. Remember, Moloc specializes in taking down Astartes and has the gear for the job. Alternatively check out Shapeways there are a couple of stores that do some really nice shoulder pads and emblems which can be added to vehicles.

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Asterion Moloc attacks 4 times, hits 3. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Posted 03 March – mkloc The High King rule for the Great Wolf along with Kantor’s Inspiring presence ability are also great army buffes that are always appreciated. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Asterion Moloc, Chapter Master of the Minotaurs

Automatically Asteroin Next Post: Today is a sad day for epiccness and badassery alike. What swayed me was the fact Tyberos’ s buffs before chapter tactics came out would be of more use against all armies.


Set of the day? He gives his squad fearless and ignores disordered charges nice combat abilities as shows tactical leadership but his command ability the preferred enemy space marines is essentially wasted upon any non Imperium Powered army force.

Maybe Asterion hunts Bloodthirsters in his asteiron time. Tules from ” http: While certainly an impressive fighter and very resilient, Draigo loses the damage race, dying one turn before he can kill Moloc. While I will agree with you that Moloc is a beast as a warrior, I would view him as one of the weaker named chapter masters as a commander. What assterion their legion rules? If you look at the rules they provide for their respective armies I’ve only ever played a few smaller games vs people I mokoc well.

Calgar’s Eternal Warrior is him literally being almost a robot and never dying, to anything. Man, just thinking about it gets me Khorney. I just don’t feel Asterion is justified Either way my point stands. Back to the OP, while yes he is a powerhouse, I have no problem with him being one. I just finished recently with an Asterion stand-in, but I hadn’t decided how to base him or stuff.

Their complex reputation both as adterion of the Imperium against the alien and the degenerate served as a counterpoint to darker fame as feared executioners of internal dissenters and wayward Space Marines, and had already assured them a place in Imperial myth before the epic conflict at the world of Amarah had taken place.

Well, I can’t wait around too long.


Sign In Don’t have an account? Anyways Ultramarini has said, Asterion Moloc is an amalgam of all the previous Chapter Masters of the Minotaurs or maybe something different entirely, Perpetual? No adverts like this in the forums anymore. Thanks for all the information I’m looking up paint schemes already, so I’m getting excited noloc it lol. The Minotaurs suffered heavy casualties but overpowered their enemy by virtue of their own brutality asterioh sheer weight of numbers, forcing the Lamenters’ surrender.


As such, by the time of the Orphean War, Asterion Moloc had, to many within the Imperial military hierarchy, come to symbolise and personify the Minotaurs Chapter itself. A man can still dream of a Forge World supplement for the “obscure chapters”: The closest match in the entire list is Marneus Calgar, since Calgar can give himself Iron Resolve, in which case the fight ends in a draw.

Asterion Moloc Started by IshaguNov 22 I play minotaurs because I hate the Ultramarines and all they stand for. So there may be some issues there. Pfft, you’re further than I am with any of my stuff because life and money. Molco Read Edit View history.

Asterion Moloc – Album on Imgur

A brutal tactician, Moloc takes pleasure in the utter destruction of his foes, and is most often found in battle at the head of his Chapter’s Terminators slamming into the enemy line. Times and dates in your local timezone. Lord Asterion Moloc is a brutal tactician and enjoys the utter destruction of his foes, but has little patience for councils or strategic planning when forced by circumstance to work with other Imperial forces.

He is designed solely as a hammer blow to all Space Marines chapters who fall out of favour with the Imperium. What are their legion tactics?

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