ASTM methods, however the significance of the test result is not altered by the ASTM D (Standard Test Method for Corrosion Test for Engine Coolants in. of providing vehicle specific coolants. Several laboratory corrosion tests were performed according to ASTM D and D, but with a. Buy ASTM De1 Standard Test Method for Corrosion Test for Engine Coolants in Glassware from SAI Global.

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Unbiased, detailed reports on dinghies, daysailers, racer-cruisers, cruising sailboats, and multihulls. Insights into boat construction and design.

Solid advice on buying a sailboat. Sailboat Reviews – Index.

Professional guidance on installing atsm operating high-tech sailing gear. Independent tests of halyards, sheets, furlers, anchors, snatch blocks, shackles, ropes, winches, vangs, cleats, booms, masts, and standing rigging.

Expert guidance on choosing a mainsail, jib, or spinnaker.

Comprehensive comparisons of pumps, batteries, solar panels, wind generators, inverter-chargers, watermakers, propellers, toilets, engines, and other marine systems. Tips on ship-shape installations. Bottom paints, topside paints, varnishes, waxes, protectants, cleaners, metal polishes. If it comes in a bottle or can, PS has tested it.

Proven methods to protecting your floating investment. Our top picks in galley stoves, cookware, cabin lights, refrigeration, and entertainment systems can help turn your cruising boat into a home.


Creative solutions to the challenges of living aboard. Thorough test reports on binoculars, boat shoes, foul weather gear, hand-bearing compasses, sailing knives, flashlights, headlamps, sunglasses boots, and anything else that belongs in a skipper’s seabag.

ASTM corrosion cells: electrochemical & immersion | NuVant

s1384 Our testers evaluate life jackets, flares, life rafts, harnesses, man-overboard strobes, medical kits, seasickness aids, and emergency devices.

Tips on marine safety gear, boat-handling, and emergency s1384. Insightful letters from sophisticated sailors. Do-it-yourself projects and reader feedback on a wide range of boats, marine manufacturers, and sailing products. Cavitation pitting after testing: Samples were diluted to percent glycol, dosed with ASTM synthetic corrosive water similar to 2-percent seawatercontinuously aerated, and heated to degrees for two weeks.

At the end of the test period, the samples were cleaned according to a specified ASTM procedure, dried, and evaluated for both a change in appearance and loss in weight.

Because the test is run with synthetic corrosive r1384 and because of the accelerated nature of the testing, it is best not to read too much into minor differences between products, so long as they meet ASTM specification.

Diesel coolants were tested for cavitation pitting by exposing cast-iron coupons in an ultrasound bath for four hours, simulating cylinder-liner ringing. Any evidence of pitting or freckling was considered to be a failure. The purpose of this test was asgm identify coolants that effectively combat cylinder liner pitting.


SwRI Research Technologies

The very best coupons, not surprisingly, were from the heavy-duty coolants, specifically formulated to endure the sort of torture commonplace in a heavily loaded diesel engine. Though you might get away with any of the long-life coolants in diesel service, we still like the idea of using heavy-duty coolants in wet-sleeve diesels and in boat engines with severe duty cycles commercial fishing boats, trawlers, anyone that runs long and hard.

Sometimes it is not what has been added to your fuel that matters, but what is missing. Anywhere between 5 to 20 percent of the contents of a portable or installed polyethylene tank can vanish during the course of a year, the result of breathing losses and permeation.

The remaining fuel is lower in octane, contains fewer of the volatiles that are so essential for easy starting, and has reduced solvency for gum and varnish. It often looks perfectly good, but is perfectly rotten and potentially harmful as fuel. More Trimarans Please Mailport: New to Practical Sailor?