Ozyr’s Astrocade (Bally Arcade) Instruction Site. [ Emporium Index | Astrocade Index]. Bally PROFESSIONAL ARCADE FUN & BRAINS. OWNERS MANUAL. Welcome to the unofficial Astrocade (Bally Arcade) Video Game Instruction Site. Here you will find the instructions needed to play Astrocade. A fantastic party game that’s absolutely addictive for 2 players or teams. LOADING INSTRUCTIONS. 1. Turn on your Astrocade and TV set, then select channel 3.

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Reset the switch if necessary. On the back were a number of ports, including connectors for power, the controllers, and an expansion port. Character Analysis Wavemakers texts eye 76 favorite 0 comment 0 Bally Astrocade Manual: The procedure for remote game selection is easy and only three steps are involved.

Experiment with motion, depth, and thousands of color combinations. Solor Conqueror Astrovision [] Topics: Character Analysis Wavemakers. It scans a digital recording and checks the sum of the bits in the recorded program against the sum of the bits in the program currently in memory.

How to Use BASIC on the Bally Arcade/Astrocade – Bally Arcade/Astrocade – AtariAge Forums

Midway felt that such a system, in an external box, would make the Astrocade more interesting to the market. By most reports [ who?


AtariAge Home Lynx Jaguar. Bally Astrocade 92 92 Bally Astrocade Manual: Most cartridges included two games, and when they were inserted the machine would reset and display a menu starting with the programs on the cartridge and then listing the four built-in programs. Bally Astrocade 79 79 Bally Astrocade Manual: The interpreter would read out two bytes, drop all the odd-numbered bits, and assemble the results into a single byte of code.

Gunfight is a very popular arcade game which has been included in your Bally Professional Arcade. This was accomplished by interleaving every bit of the program astrocaade with the display itself; BASIC used all the even-numbered bits, and the display got the odd-numbered bits.

Blast Droids Esoterica Topics: Collision Course Wavemakers. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. These were offered for sale some time between andbut it is unknown how many were built. Not only does the Bally Professional Arcade contain three great games, but is also has a 5-function, 10 memory, printing calculator that will store and scroll up to 92 entries on your television inatructions.

Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. Well, you have got a good start on having one with owning a Bally Professional Arcade. Please refer to the section on adjustment if a different display appears or if the display is distorted.


Starts when either player uses all six bullets. But due to production delays, the units were first released to stores in April and its branding changed to “Bally Professional Arcade”. The rights were later picked up by a third-party company, who re-released it and sold it until around In the late s, Midway contracted Dave Nutting Associates to design a video display chip that could be used in all of their videogame systems, from standup arcade gamesto a home computer system.

Bally Astrocade Instructions

Each player’s symbol will appear on the playing astrocadee. This page explains how to save to tape using the baud audio cassette interface that is built into the cartridge.

Home video game consoles Second-generation video game consoles Products introduced in s toys s toys Z Dog Patch Astrovision [] texts eye favorite 0 comment 0 Bally Astrocade Manual: It was marketed only for a limited time before Bally decided to exit the market. Bally Astrocade 76 76 Bally Astrocade Manual: