Austensibly Ordinary by Alyssa Goodnight – book cover, description, publication history. Austensibly Ordinary. Alyssa Goodnight. Trade Paperback. February 2, Kensington. pages. Buy Now. RRP $ Austensibly Ordinary (Book): Goodnight, Alyssa: When she discovers a journal that could be linked to Jane Austen, English teacher Cate Kendall, in need of a.

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Are people in their 20s really obsessed with Hitchcock? Like Emma, I questioned Cate a lot and enjoyed watching her come into her own and really discover her inner beauty and stop sweating the small stuff. She writes in this journal and the next day everything is gone but a few words.

It’s ridiculous how well it all works. otdinary

The common thread weaved through these two books is a magical journal, a bit of magical realism, supposedly possessed by the spirit of Jane Austen. Plus Ethan knows how to austsnsibly all of her buttons and that is just so much fun to sit back and watch. Open Preview See a Problem?

The dilemma is always the same, even for a modern day high-school English teacher, whose obsession with British literature fictional characters impairs her judgement in matter of men and makes her blind to true love, “until [she catches] a flash of the man behind the charm and he’s not quite the gem [she] imagined. The one thing I liked best about Cate, however, was her willingness to push herself to try new things. I’d somehow expect her to be able to come up with better descriptors than “totally awesome!


austensibly ordinary | Diary of an Eccentric

I’m going to check it out. Dec 04, Ponch rated it really liked it. Austensbily do not reproduce or republish content without permission. Toggle navigation Deschutes Public Library. The romance was complicated, sweet and felt very genuine. The charming but mischievous Wickham, or the brooding and honest Mr. Cate and Ethan are both teachers and they are also good friends and scrabble buddies.

Cate tries out the guise of Cat and why she couldn’t simply try out a different style and amp up her boring personality a bit without lying about every detail of her life and flirting outrageously is not really explained. Jane reads the entrie Allow me to first start off austenzibly saying that as a high school English teacher, this book did wonders for me. The Resource Austensibly ordinary, Alyssa Goodnight.

I really enjoyed the first book, but I loved the characters in this one even more — and the Emma references made it hard to put down. Currently shared across 0 libraries and 0 members of Deschutes Public Library.

Darcy…I encourage you to give this slightly lesser-known Austen novel a chance. Where Nicola spent much of the book endlessly considering the scientific possibilities of the journal, Cate takes things much more at face value.


I absolutely enjoyed the influence of Jane Austen in the story. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I wouldn’t read it again so that’s why I didn’t go for 3 stars. But I think the hardest part for me was how frustrated I was with the main character.

Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. I really wish I did, but wow, is the main character hard to like and that is a problem.

Austensibly Ordinary

The orrinary when they first get together consists of much swoon. Thanks, Alyssa, and I sure do hope this will be an entire series of books!

Be it an accurate screen adaptation or a literary parody, scholars, screenwriters and novelists keep paying homage to this legendary forerunner of the romance genre: Keep up with her on her website at alyssagoodnight.

It’s not until he tells her that he’ll be away for an entire week and won’t give an explanation that Cate gets curious.