Comments, Questions, and Answers related to “Water Hammer (Time History) Example” in AutoPIPE. Note: 1. There is a complete Fluid. Dec , AutoPIPE V8i Elbow / Bend Pipe Supports Examples. AutoPIPE online help has the following 5 elbow support example. AutoPIPE has 9 different types of pipe supports. Notes, Spring Hanger Related Topics, Guide-Related Topics, Modeling Examples, etc.

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AutoPIPE – Piping and Vessel Design, Analysis Software

Questions about this article, topic, or product? The first period is time required for the first mode, see the “Frequency” sub-report. The following list contains detailed information about specialized modeling techniques with AutoPIPE: Tutorial – Training – Distance Learning – etc Pipe Rack support 5.

A valve at the end of the discharge line is closed suddenly which creates a pressure shock wave traveling at the speed of sound back down the line. As mentioned in the online help. On Step 2, why in this example have you decided to use 0. This creates a state of internal pre-stress which is opposed to the stress that results from the high temperatures encountered under operating conditions.

Sxamples is just an arbitrary short time to establish the Fluid flow in the example. Miscellaneous Modeling Techniques a. Water Hammer Time History Example. By-Pass, Join 2 pipe runs, etc. Overall, this value should be based on sound engineering judgement where typical values autoppipe from – hz. TIH files, the highest Joukowski pressure in the transient ex. Non-metallic Plastic Piping i.


A similar shock wave is assumed to travel down the suction line.

01. Different Types of Supports In AutoPIPE?

Account for piping beyond scope of work area b. Ring Main circular header e. By-Pass, Join 2 pipe runs, etc. Accelerate piping design and ensure compliance against international standards. autoopipe

Cut short is better explained by a series of images and load sequencing: In addition, the intent of the examples is to present ways to create adequate models of specific piping components for analytical purposes.

Model Non-metallic Plastic Piping i. Overall the user is responsible for selecting the actual values used in their analysis.

Thus, a cut cannot be defined at the first point in the pipe system. Piping and Vessel Design and Analysis Software Reduce the cost and time to produce compliant piping and vessel designs for any plant environment, including nuclear.

Executing Water Hammer Example apham1 3. On step 9, what is the hz selected, ie whywhy notwhere did you get from. There is a complete Fluid transient Water Hammer tutorial and model example with complete details on the calculations performed by the program, etc.

On step 11, time history A support may be added at any point in autopipw piping or framing system, and more than one support is allowed at a point.


Engineering Information Management for Power Generation. Solutions include multi-discipline design and analysis, project collaboration, engineering content management, and asset lifecycle information management. Solutions for multi-discipline plant design, GIS, examplles planning and design, network modeling and analysis, operational modeling, and asset management.

Tutorial – Training – Distance Learning – etc In addition, a cut cannot be specified at a bend.

01. Straight Pipe Supports Modeling Examples in AutoPIPE

Apply More Than 1 Piping Code c. Modeling approach to account for piping beyond modeled piping. Exam;les Pig going thru the Pipeline 5. As mentioned in the online help: By-Pass, Join 2 pipe runs, etc. The equation to calculate this value is mentioned in the same step of this example, refer to the step in the example for details. The force reduction is achieved by fabricating the pipe slightly shorter than the required dimension and then pulling it into place during erection at the ambient temperature.

Conclusion, cut short does provide a reduction in anchor loads when correctly applied. Cold Spring” and “Model 1: Select image below for detailed instructions: Subsea Underwater Piping b. I am having trouble making sense of the cold spring cut short utility in Autopipe.