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BUT once we “die”.

Recommended Threads – Salok Sheikh Farid. But at the end of sixteen ashtpadhi it is written in word sixteen ashtpadhies. What is ‘khakh’ then and why word ‘khakh has been used twice – is second ‘khakh’ used as humility?

I would really appreciate your on the spot comments about my essence statements as then I can improve these so all may find better use out bqba our discourse.

When we look at Sukhmani sahib it advises there, ‘sant ka j maha hatiara’ the slanderer of divine message is a brutal butcher. Be particularly balanced about the lines and words in specific translation without coloring it with Simran, Naam, meditations, etc. Now the first question comes to my mind, do anyone really slander dust.

Veers Japjisahib04 and Gyani Jarnail Singh ji thanks for your comments. SGGS follows a very strict order of bani I try to do two things. Then what is the divine message behind quoting above sloke?


Salok Farid ji -: Page : 1 :-

AmbarsariaAug 23, This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Is there anything in dust to be slandered?

So be rarid love with the Lord, so that your color may ever be new. Jan 22, Messages: May 3, Messages: I thought that Farid Ji is warning Sahni veer ji, you have hit the nail square on its head. For too long and by too many misguided folks. And ‘muen uppar hoey’ – is not being referred to physical death but ‘jeevatia mar rehia’ with this my mind’s paradigm turned into ashes – khakh nall khakh ho ja.

‎Salok Sheikh Farid Ji De by Bhai Surinder Singh Ji on Apple Music

These ancient human approaches have not changed much over time, remain attractive like a wine with a new label, and our thirst is likely to continue regardless of advances in knowledge; scientific, humanities or Divinity. BUT the poetry doesnt break sequence.

Your name or email address: When I looked serialwise theme, I found sabd is not referring to Hairs but is flashing upon black chapter of my life and ‘dhauli’ is not only grey hair but divine wisdom.


Literal interpretation and interpretation of most of the senior scholars including those who are recognized by universities and have presented various proceedings and articles of panki farida khak n nidhiya In addition, millions of people have only brown hair or white hair in their youth – does this not apply to them.

Secondly millions of people are bald – so does this command not apply to them.

Salok Sheikh Farid Ji 13-25 / ਸਲੋਕ ਸੇਖ ਫਰੀਦ ਕੇ ੧੩ – ੨੫

Ambarsaria May 20, AmbarsariaApr 18, I appreciate if you can comment on my “Essence” statements. Therefore, as per my understanding, Gurbani is not referring to dust in above sloke. But since that shabad is a darid on the Bhagat bani.

Seeker9 ji regarding the question about the video.