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This delay is also used as a power-on delay. When it is written to, the inputWhTimer will be reset updated as well.

Baguier MATY

Divide by ten to get degrees. A list of total input power measurements. For units that support ‘strapping’ functionality, this will be a unique value for each unit. Unit-level outlet control command. Pourquoi ne pas avoir soumis ce terme au singulier? Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. The state of the contact sensor. Units are in thousandths, for example a power factor of 0. Sent when someone attempts to log in and fails. Its value ranges from 1 to groupCount.

In most cases this list will only contain one entry. Sent whenever an input voltage threshold status changes. Determines the outlet state when power is applied to the unit.


When it is written to, the inputWhTotalTimer will be reset to 0 as well. A list of input voltage measurements.

Bague Amour Je t’aime, or blanc et diamants

An outlet PF value. A unique value for each outlet.

Return bafuier KudoZ list. However, some units have a ‘strapping’ feature which allow units to be daisy-chained together such that all of them can be accessed through the SNMP interface of the master. An entry for a PDU. Once the command is issued, the outlet will turn On immediately.

Its value ranges from 1 to groupChildCount. An bayuier Watts value. This value may be written on the face of the unit. A group Watts value.

Patents, Trademarks, Copyright Law: A list of group current measurements. For outlets that are On prior to the Reboot command, they will switch Off immediately when the command is issued, remain Off for outletControlRebootOffTime seconds, and then turn back On. This could be from either a virtul clock virtul which case it is likely writeable or from a time server via NTP probably read-only. Number of rows in the inputPowerTable.

Sent whenever an ePDU finishes booting up hard or soft reboot. Most objects in this MIB are optional. Minimal objects are required to conform to this MIB. Its value ranges from 1 to inputCurrentCount. Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes.


An entry for a group current measurement.

A unique value for each input power measurement. Status of the measured input voltage relative to the configured thresholds. A list of children for this group. There can be only one voltage measurement for each group.

Baguier MATY apk |

A unique value for each input current measurement. An entry for a particular input current measurement. Time in seconds until the outlet Sequence Off command is issued Status of the external communication with a strapping unit.

Time delay in seconds that the outlet should remain in the Bgauier state when executing a Reboot command.

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An entry for a particular outlet. If units do not support ‘strapping’, this will always be ‘0’. The type of the child. Its value ranges from 1 to temperatureCount.

Once the command is issued, the outlets in the group will turn On immediately. For example, this table will link to all of the outlets that are contained in a particular group.

Units are in milli, for example a crest factor of 1.