Baker Hughes INTEQ, Baker Oil Tool,. Hughes . Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids division, many special chemicals and deals especially with the products of the INTEQ Division. .. time-consuming manual work are relatively expensive. Baker Hughes INTEQ Drilling Engineering Workbook A Distributed Learning B / December Drilling Fluids Workbook H Rev. .. and paragraph references and the following information is included in your transmittal. Department Drilling Engineering Workbook P/N H Manual Date. Geothermal drilling fluids commonly used include water based mud, water only .. dependent on temperature (Baker Hughes INTEQ, ). Drilling fluid.

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A very small amount of liquid flow through the core will make a large rise in the pressure, making the cell sensitive enough to measure flow through shale. The lfuids pressure side of the core formation side is fitted with a 1 liter, psi. Without hughds limited to a particular theory, the precipitating agent is believed to chemically bound to the surface of the clay of the borehole and provide a highly active polar surface.

Clearly, for successful applications of latex in drilling fluids, latex stability in high salt environments and at elevated temperatures must be improved. Photomicrographs of the plug face showed latex accumulation along microfractures in the shale.

Fluid loss control and sealing agent for drilling depleted sand formations. These results verify the necessity of having all three components: However, additional circulation rapidly sealed the leaks and reestablished the seal. All pressures are monitored with Heise transducers. Optimizing high performance water base mud design is commonly at the forefront of many drilling fluid service and oil operating companies’ needs due to the various limitations of invert emulsion fluids.


The small sample dispersion unit and the standard refractive index 50HD Particle R. The method of claim 1 where in providing the water-based drilling fluid, the fluid further comprises a precipitating agent selected from the group consisting of silicates, aluminum complexes, and mixtures thereof.

Buse of the latex together with salt only comparative Example Cuse of sodium aluminate and the salt only comparative Ex. Ch6 – Drilling Fluids Documents. If added to mud formulations earlier, they tend to be unstable and precipitate prematurely.

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It can be clearly observed that the internal filter cake was formed inside of the 50 mD disk. In the foregoing specification, the invention has been described with reference to specific embodiments thereof, and has been demonstrated as effective in providing a water-based drilling fluid that can effectively reduce the rate of drilling fluid pressure invasion of the borehole wall.

The method of claim 9 where bwker salt is present in the drilling fluid in an amount of from about 1 wt. It is anticipated that more than one type of polymer latex may be used simultaneously. Besides, improved performance parameters achieved by the latex products were also recognized.

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Observe the fluid for flocculation and separation. EXP Oleamidopropyl betaine surfactant. The first of these polymers was tested on the PPT test in a fluid with other products. In this test, circulation bakre restarted after the pressure rose to 60 psi iinteq in 70 hours FIG. Typically, the water present contains a salt to form a brine, fluidx to saturation, although the invention may be practiced with fresh water. Reducing drilling fluid pressure invasion into the wall of a borehole is one of the most important factors in maintaining wellbore stability.


Without latex polymer, the fluid loss of this mud is out of control. Secondly, latex co-precipitation with precipitating agents, if present, such as aluminum complexes, produces a semi-permeable membrane on shale surfaces that chemically improves the osmotic efficiency between the fluid and the borehole.

When the test started the formation pressure fell from 50 psi kPa to zero, increasing the differential pressure from to psi 1, to 2, kPaas seen in FIG. The circumference of the shale and pistons are sealed with a rubber sleeve. Various limitations of these fluids, however, such as environmental concerns, economics, lost circulation tendencies, kick detection, and geologic evaluation concerns maintains a strong market for high performance water based fluids. Oil base drilling fluid composition.

Pressure is plotted versus time. Shale stabilizers are typically added to the mud to inhibit these phenomena and to stabilize the shale from being affected by the mud.

A SumoBrain Solutions Company. The toxicities of all of these products meet the requirement for fluid disposal in the Gulf of Mexico. Two latex samples, Latex A 8: