Revolutionary War Drill Manual by Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben are to be perfectly acquainted with the manual exercise, marchings and. On February 23, , Frederick William Baron von Steuben reported to General George Washington at the Continental Army’s bleak winder encampment at. Von Steuben: Manual of Arms The Manual Exercise .. Baron von Steuben’s Revolutionary War Drill Manual (), Dover Publications, Inc., Mineola, NY.

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Some features of WorldCat will not be available. This maneuver is performed in the same manner as the preceding, except that, instead of forming at the entrance, the platoons pass by files; and having passed, face to the right and left, march till they have their proper distances, and then wheel and form battalion.

Come to the recover, throwing up your firelock, with a smart spring of the left hand, directly before the left breast, and turning the barrel inwards, at the same moment catch it with the right hand below the lock, and instantly bringing up the left hand, with a rapid motion, seize the piece close above the lock, the little finger touching the feather spring; the left hand to be at an equal height with the eyes, the butt of the firelock close to the left breast, but not pressed, and the barrel perpendicular.

He must keep a strict eye over the conduct of the non-commissioned officers; oblige them to do their duty with the greatest exactness; and use every possible means to keep up a proper subordination between them and the soldiers: The guards without the limits of the camp will ordinarily be relieved in the same manner; but this must depend on their distances from camp, and other circumstances, which may sometimes require their continuing on duty for several days.

Please try again later. The officers will conduct their platoons, and having dressed them, return to their posts on the right. Bring your right hand short round to your pouch, flapping it hard, seize the cartridge, and bring it with a quick motion to your mouth, bite the top off down to the powder, covering it instantly with your thumb, and bring the hand as low as the chin, with the elbow down.

The major is particularly charged with the discipline, arms, accoutrements, clothing, and generally, with the whole interior management and economy of the regiment. If the defile will not permit more than four files to pass, the four files before which the defile presents itself enter without any word of command; the rest face inwards, and follow them; the whole marching through by files.

If the defile is difficult or long, so soon as the front have passed and gained sufficient ground, they will halt till the whole have passed and formed, when they will continue the march.

Baron Von Steuben’s Revolutionary War Drill Manual: A Facsimile Reprint of the 1794 Edition

The commanding officer will continue the signal till he sees that the men have loaded and shouldered. For a review of inspection the battalion must not be told off in platoons, but remain in companies, at open order; the drums and bqron on the right, and the ensigns with the colors in front of their respective companies. If a suspicious person, or a deserter from the enemy approaches, he must stop him and send him to head-quarters, or to a superior officer.


Again with some irony the drill company turned out to be extremely popular with the supposedly undisciplined colonials and its demonstration tours of military encampments were always well attended and imitated.

In case of attack, the two first ranks keep up a smart running fire, beginning as well as ending by a signal from the drum. In all formations and displaying, the officers whose platoons march by the left, so soon as they have dressed their platoons in line or column, return to their posts on the right. A column formed either by the right, left or center, may, according to the ground, or any other circumstance, be displayed on any particular platoon, on the principles before explained.

The arms and accoutrements of the officers, non-commissioned officers, and soldiers, should be uniform throughout. The sergeant of the new guard then tells off as many sentinels as are necessary; and the corporal of the new guard, conducted by a corporal of the old guard, relieves the sentinels, beginning by the guard house. The field and staff officers accompany the inspector while he inspects the companies; and when the inspection is over, the colonel forms the battalion, and causes it to perform any exercise or maneuvers the inspector thinks proper to order.

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The pioneers are to march behind the advanced guard, and must repair the roads, that the column may be obliged to file off as little as possible. A Facsimile Reprint of the Edition By: The inconvenience arising to an army from having to great a number of wagons, must be evident to every officer; and it is expected, that for the future each officer will curtail his baggage as much as possible. With his lofty military reputation, forceful bearing, and colorful personality, the Prussian commander had an immediate galvanizing effect on the disorganized insurgents.

Cancel Forgot your password? Pull the trigger briskly, and immediately after bringing up the right foot, come to the priming position, placing the heels even, with the right toe pointing the right, the lock opposite the right breast, the muzzle directly to the front and as high as the hat, the left hand just forward of the feather spring, holding the piece firm and steady; and at the same time seize the cock with the fore-finger and thumb of the right hand, the back of the hand turned up.

Your review will post soon. Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: When the regiment is detached, he will post the guards ordered by the colonel, often visit them, examine whether the officers, non-commissioned officers and sentinels are acquainted with their duty, and give them the necessary instructions. The motion of recover, coming down to the priming position, and opening the pan, to be done in the usual time, the motions of handling the cartridge to shutting the pan, to be done as quickly as possible; when the pans are shut, make a small pause, and cast about together; then the loading and shouldering motions are to be done as quick as possible.


Revolutionary War Drill Manual

But if the regiment forms two battalions, the colonel encamps behind the center of the first battalion; the lieutenant colonel behind the second battalion; and the major behind the interval between the two battalions. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data.

As soon as a company have pitched their tents, the captains parade them, and they fetch in their arms.

He soon became one of Washington’s most valued officers — an essential figure in the success of the American War of Independence. At this caution the ensign with the colors advances six paces; the sergeant who covered him taking his place.

The recruits being thus far instructed, the officer must take twelve men, and placing them in one rank, teach them to dress to the right and left; to do which the soldier must observe to feel the man on that side he dresses to, without rsvolutionary him, and to advance or retire, till he can just discover the breast of the second man from him, taking care not to stoop, but to keep his head and body upright. He will then form the detachments for wood, water and other necessities.

Quitting the piece with your right hand, sink it with your left down the left side, as far as may be without constraint, at the same time seize the bayonet with the right hand, down to the stock, and dgill in the piece to the hollow of the shoulder. Turning the stock a little towards you, place your right hand closed, with a quick and strong motion, upon the butt of the rammer, the thumb upwards, and the revolutionry down.

The soldiers must be told, that under these circumstances, their safety depends wholly on their courage; the cavalry being only to be dreaded when the infantry revolugionary to resist them. As soon as a detachment arrives on the grand parade, the officers having dressed the ranks commands:.

Baron Von Steuben’s Revolutionary War Drill Manual: A Facsimile Reprint of the Edition

When the recruits have practiced the forgoing exercises, till they are sufficiently expert, they must be sent to exercise with their company.

The arms, accoutrements and ammunition of the sick and others, when delivered up, are to be taken care of in the same manner.

And when any river is nigh, and the season favorable, the men shall bathe themselves as frequently as possible, the commanding officers of each battalion sending them by small detachments successively, under the care of a non-commissioned officer; but on no account must the men be permitted to bathe when just come off a march, at least till they have reposed long enough to get cool.

He must keep an exact detail of the duty of the officers and non-commissioned officers of his regiment, taking care to regulate his roster in such a manner as not to have too many officers or non-commissioned officers of the same company on duty at the same time.