Bas C. van Fraassen The Empirical Stance. The Terry Lectures at Yale University , Fall ; published April ; paperback Paperback available from. PDF | On Jan 1, , Jeffrey Koperski and others published Bas C. Van Fraassen: The Empirical Stance. Bas C. van Fraassen, one of the world’s foremost contributors to philosophical logic and the philosophy of science, here undertakes a fresh consideration of.

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Experience Epistemic Life Without Foundations. Presumably van Fraassen would say that the emotions which were indispensable to effecting conversion from Catholicism to Protestantism were of the same sort as those that facilitated the switch from Aristotelian to Galilean descriptions of motion.

For Heidegger, it was merely the enabler of technology. Prices are subject to change without notice. Doomed to Vicious Circle or Infinite Regress? But composers, novelists, and religious writers like John Bunyan do not. Emotion may be required to get us over the hump—to make the absurd seem plausible. Scientific RevolutionConversion as a Ban Problem. Contents Against Analytic Metaphysics. Like metaphysics, this kind of epistemology tries to see around all future corners by delimiting the possibilities open to future inquiry.

The empiricist tradition is not and could not be defined by common doctrines, but embodies a certain stance in philosophy, van Fraassen says. Both distance themselves from positivism by their relative lack of interest in science.

History of Western Philosophy. Aims and Scope What is empiricism and what could it be? We are not told much more about this stance than that assuming it produces respect for the procedures of science.


The Empirical Stance

Green, Sellars, and Feyerabend were right to yhe that experience without a descriptive vocabulary is blind, and thus incapable of providing a criterion for choice stace alternative conceptual repertoires. Van Fraassen tries to break with positivism by insisting that science is just one among several such paradigms p. If a student emerges from Philosophy convinced that there is no point in trying to describe either the world or knowledge in the wholesale ways characteristic of metaphysics and epistemology, does her acquisition of that negative belief count as taking the empirical stance?

This stance is sstance first of all in a searing recurrent critique of metaphysics, and second in a focus on experience that requires a voluntarist view of belief and opinion. Taking an Empirical Stance. Yale University Press The latter is preferable, for the former seduces one into metaphysics.

Van Fraassen, however, does not explicitly pursue this task. Replies to Discussion on stahce Empirical Stance”. Wilfrid Sellarss Irenic Axiology. Readers of this book are likely to hope that it will soon be supplemented by one in which van Fraassen tells us more about what sort of projects he has in mind, and about their relevance to the academic discipline of philosophy.

Science as Representation and Interpretation. Are There Nonobjectifying Forms of Inquiry. Are there any, except those assumed by religious people whose faith has not yet been de-mythologized in the manner of Bultmann? That emotions play an indispensable role in conceptual revolutions does not mean, however, that such revolutions should be viewed as irrational.


William Jamess Epistemic Imperatives. The empiricist tradition is not and could not be defined by common doctrines but embodies a certain stance in philosophy, van Fraassen says. References to this book Representing Electrons: Constructive Empiricism and the Argument From Underdetermination.

He explores what it is to be or not be secular and points the way toward a new relationship between secularism and science within philosophy. Roger White – – Philosophical Perspectives 19 1: Emil Fackenheim Gods Presence in History. The Terry Lectures Series.

The Empirical Stance

What is empiricism and what could it be? So the next conceptual revolution may well leave her stranded. Breaking the Decision Paradigm. The Empirical Stance Bas C. Indeed he is, but pragmatism and existentialism agree in treating understanding as a means to more important ends.


This stance is displayed first of all in a searing, recurrent critique of metaphysics, and second in a focus on experience that requires a voluntarist view of belief and opinion. The Jesuits were right in saying that Scripture without tradition is indefinitely flexible, and therefore cannot serve as a criterion for choice among alternative traditions.

A History of the Name Empiricism. Yale University Press- Philosophy – pages. Drawing on Science the Right Way. Why Stonewalling Cant Work. An Alternative Classification of Philosophies.

Philosophers should be conscious of the limitations of their projects in a way that metaphysicians and objectifying epistemologists typically are not.