Lualhati Bautista .. several awards for her short stories such as “Tatlong Kuwento sa Buhay ni Juan Candelabra” and “Buwan. Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa. Then I picked up one of the books in my TBR, Bata, Bata. Pa’no Ka Ginawa is also about the choices she made as a woman at a time when. Lualhati Bautista Bata, Bata Pa’no Ka Ginawa? August 6, | Author: Raz Mahari Lualhati Bautista Description. Bata, Bata Pa’no Ka Ginawa?.

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They are now given more space and freedom to have their respective and distinctive roles in the society. She went out of the room only to face another useless conversation with Raffy. Hindi kailanman nagpadala sa kanyang emosyon si Lea, kahit na siya’y ilang beses nabigo sa pag-ibig, ipinagpatuloy niya ang pagiging responsableng ina at indibidwal.

Bzta simply asked Johnny to meet with her. She studied in public schools, both in her elementary and high school years. Sleeping around like a whore and having children in the process. Nowadays, women are able to participate in different areas or sectors of the society, whether it may be in the political aspect.

Bata, Bata‚Ķ Pa’no Ka Ginawa? – Wikipedia

Sa mga nakalipas na panahon, sunud-sunuran lamang ang mga kababaihan sa Pilipinas sa kanilang mga asawang lalaki at iba pang mga kalalakihan. Chapter 9 Ojie had undergone circumcision.

Its humanity is bzta allowed me to finish it. Then Raffy asked permission if he could see his son, which was agreed immediately by Lea.


Maya insisted on coming with Ojie and Lea on the next day. I believe it is included in Firefly and translated into Finnish and English. Ngayon, katulad ng tauhang si Lea, siya ay nagpapakita na ang mga babae ay nakakapagpahayag na ng mga saloobin.

Usually, I’m not very conscious about these errors in a book, but I don’t know why it impedes me here. It is a story about a woman, a mother, a person, a Filipino. We need your help!

It’s the 21st century and you can already exercise your right of suffrage, both father and mother are now working and they fight when they don’t agree, many woman have children without marrying, society no longer look down on them and yes women can do almost all the jobs that we men do and nobody gets surprised anymore.

Detalyado at madaling maunawaan ng sinumang makakabasa,at ang mga salitang ginamit ay madaling maunawaan, Malalaking aral sa buhay ang iniuukit nito sa bawat isa. Another important ideology that Lea imparted to her children as a woman with unique view-point of the society is giving her children of their own free will. She later found out that the fire was not an accident. The group was assigned to go to a certain province but Lea refused to because no one will be left to take care of her children.

Joy Tinoko ano ang nobela nito?

Bata, Bata Pa’no Ka Ginawa? by Lualhati Bautista

Like other classic Filipino novels of Lualhati Bautista, this one also One of the best I read this year, this novel is a powerful commentary on motherhood, single-parenthood, marriage, desire, and a woman’s role in the turbulent period near the tail-end of the Marcos dictatorship. They went out and watched a movie. Fortunately, there was still a corned beef, so she decided to just cook it with potatoes. After she spoke, to her surprise many teachers and parents applauded her, and requested her to stay.


Oct 06, Jie Mauricio rated it it was amazing. For her, a woman can perform what their male counterpart can also do. So when I bought it, I wasn’t expecting too much.

Couples may live separately when both of wife and husband has a job.

Anvil Classics

Chapter 5 Lea remembered the last time she and Raffy have met and talked. By Methuselah Chua and Jorranne Paraiso. Maybe this could be recommended in college, but it’s not a book that people who are not yet exposed to such realities would enjoy or understand. One of the best I read this year, this novel is a powerful commentary on motherhood, single-parenthood, marriage, desire, and a woman’s role in the turbulent period near the tail-end of the Marcos dictatorship. I could not get myself to give it a 4.

Cool heads prevailed for minutes until Lea could no longer hide her feelings. Maya got the first place among her schoolmates. To most people, her straightforward answers are deplorable.