BATNA and ZOPA. Your BATNA is your Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement. Your ZOPA is your Zone of Possible Agreement. In any negotiation, these two. However, when I have a weak BATNA (if I have no job offer, for instance) then I have less power in the negotiation. When this happens, it is. This is explained more in the essay on BATNAs. The result of such deception, however, might be the apparent absence of a ZOPA–and hence a failed.

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Please Support Our Fundraising Drive. The weakness of your own BATNA might not matter that much if the other side has no good alternative to doing business with you. It could be “go to court” if you’re trying to settle a legal battna, it could be zpa the money organically” or “buy a different company” if you’re negotiating an acquisition or it could be, “stay home and watch TV” if you’re negotiating with your parents for permission to go with your friends to a party.

Negotiation Theory and Practice: BATNA and ZOPA — a quick introduction

A negotiation is worth the try whenever the possible outcome of the exchange is better than any other option you have. The nature of the ZOPA depends on the type of negotiation. Please keep updating with your authentic point of view.


Popular posts from this blog Salt Harbor: Try to visualize them in the same way as is shown above. Check out our Quick Start Guide or Video. Our negotiation had three rounds: Ajay December 27, at 1: Skip to main content. It is the range between each parties Reservation Values and is the overlap area that each party is willing to pay in a negotiation.


Test and adjust your assumptions during the negotiation round. These can seem quite straightforward, but they are not as simple to put into practice.

For example, two people xopa be competing for one job. When used together, they can create a powerful framework to help you view each negotiation more analytically. If there is not, negotiation is very unlikely to succeed.

Four Key Concepts: BATNA, Reservation Price, ZOPA and Value Creation

For example, imagine you are selling your car. I have to say it wasn’t easy at times when, for example, the residents complained about things we had no batan had happened the crack in the shopkeeper’s house baatna when one of our VPs started making witty remarks that angered the other party. Parties must determine what alternatives they have to any agreement. We managed to establish the issues we would talk about, prioritize them wh….


However, there were no stakes. Unknown to you, the seller is moving overseas and has to sell. But it is not all. This brings me to our solution: To put it in simple terms, let’s assume you’re negotiating to buy a used car.

Zone of Possible Agreement (ZOPA)

But in order to come to an zpoa I had to settle for less in the first case and come up with an exchange in the second one. This often happens when parties do not explore or understand their BATNAs well enough, therefore settling for less than they could have gotten elsewhere. Bottom Lines or Walk-Away Positions: Links to quality news, opinion pieces, and reports that explain the intractable conflict problem and highlight successful responses.

BATNAs determine each side’s bottom lines. Check out our Quick Start Guide. Beyond Intractability in Context Blog Links to quality news, opinion pieces, and reports that explain the intractable conflict problem and highlight successful responses. Citing Beyond Intractability resources.

On the basis of the information you collected, make your preliminary assumptions.