Because of the 5 volumes in the edition; Basic, Expert, Companion, Master and Immortal, the edition is usually known as BECM or BECMI D&D, or less. The Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set is a set of rulebooks for the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) . “D&D Basic Set – DM’s Rulebook (BECMI ed.) (Basic)”. D&D Master Set (BECMI ed.) (Basic) – At last, the cycle is complete. Players and Dungeon Masters alike may experience the wonder of.

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Strength and wisdom simply give XP bonuses to fighters and clerics respectively, and dexterity besides being the prime requisite for thieves gives a bonus with missiles. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Becmo was no treatment of intelligent swords. Post as a guest Name. Note that none of the HW nor GAZ special racial classes are included; only the core three demihuman racial classes Elf, Dwarf, Halfling are present, tho’ 36 levels are available in the appendix.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Overall, not becji differences though. Archived from the original on I’m doing this from memory, because my books are over at my girlfriend’s right now – so pardon any mistakes. The rules also introduce an option called attack ranks, which allows demihuman characters to improve a bit beyond their level limit.

All necmi options make this volume useful even to campaigns that have not reached or do not plan to reach high level play.

If anyone else has more info or experiences, feel free to share Some of the GAZ maps are included, along with large scale overviews of the Known World and the Hollow World, along with a few pages of descriptions – a few paragraphs beci country. BECMI adds scaling weapon proficiencies, non-combat skills, nerfs the thief skills because obviously the thief needed to become even less usefuland adds material above level 14 to the game.


The Cook rules have an opening note for conversion from the Holmes set. The set also included a Dungeon Master’s Screen, a set of six plastic miniatures for players, 24 foldable cardboard enemy standees, a poster d&&d, and a set of dice.

Basic Set (BECMI D&D)

Views Read Edit View history. The intelligence table from Greyhawk was incorporated to determine an m-u’s spells known. The characters in Module B1 included separate elven fighting men and magic-users, and thieves of all four races; all the clerics were human, though. Reset Fields Log in. I think the Mentzer set is best for people who have no familiarity with rpg’s at all. I just re-read the Mentzer set last week and I can’t believe how bad the layout is and it just feels disorganized and clumsy.

With the revision of the Basic Setdiscrete rulesets for higher character levels were introduced as expansions for the basic game. Per the original set, traps by default sprang only on a 1 or 2 on d6.

Besides the hit dice from that work, the multiple attacks and damage dice were incorporated for monsters — although all characters’ weapons still did 1d6.

This set was limited to a thousand copies, and was sold by mail and at GenCon Note that some later print runs feature a much lighter blue, almost teal cover, but the artwork remains the same. Rather than include a separate adventure module, the player’s manual contains a solo, choose your own adventure type scenario, and the DM’s book contains a short dungeon to introduce the DM and players to group play. Magic Users start with 1 spell in their spell books, scrolls cannot be used to add new spells to the spellbook – effectively a magic user has a number of spells known equal to his spells per day.

Note also that there is a comparable basic set: Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. Fighters can use any armor and get d8 HD. The Immortal’s set follows up on the rules in the Master’s set for immortal read: I especially want to know what is in the boxed sets that is not in the Cyclopedia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eldritch Wizardry Supplement IV: Sean McMillan 1, 10 The Mentzer Immortals box was not included; it was reworked into Wrath of the Immortals, and had some major rules differences; the two are not really compatible with each other.


Per Greyhawk, thieves had no special ability to find traps, and removal was indicated as applying to “small traps such as poisoned needles”.

So what is the difference between Basic, B/X and BECMI?

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. It gives rules for character creation and bdcmi for player characters at beginning levels. Pages to import images to Wikidata.

It also includes information on how to play adventures inside dungeons for both players and the Dungeon Master. There are 5 alignments. It also seperates class and race and has 20sp to the gp.

The Basic set covers 1st to 3rd level of play, breaking the rules into two books, one for players and one for Dungeon Masters. The charisma table was omitted, although effects were suggested.

Cleric turning tables go to Wights Moldvay: Then again, thieves usually got shat upon, so Does it use the same text, or is it a rewrite that is supposed to cover the same rules?

What are the differences between the three?

Cleric turning tables go to Wraiths Mentzer: Creatures that appear uniquely here: Dungeon of the Mad Mage.