Colours. White. Colour Resistance as per German BFS-Merkblatt (Data Sheet) No. Binder: Class B Pigmentation: Group 1. Colour Resistance according to BFS Data [ ] Sheet No. Binder: Class B. Farbtonbeständigkeit gemäß BFS-Merkblatt [ ] Nr. . E3, – μm. Colour fastness according to BFS-Merkblatt (BFS. Leaflet) No. B Consumption: Per coating: approx. – ml/m² (for levelling paint).

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If brownish discolouration occurs in the intermediate coat, recoat with solvent-based facade paint Duparol. This mrekblatt contains max. Always use tinted paint of same batch, when applying on seamless surfaces.

An additional priming coat of CapaGrund Universal must be applied. Do not eat, drink or smoke while using the product. High-class aqueous polyurethane alkyd lacquer white enamel for exterior and interior use.

ThermoSan NQG, merkbkatt to a max. May produce an allergic reaction. Existing Coatings of Silicate Paint and Render: Disposal Materials and all related packaging must be disposed of in a safe way in accordance with the full requirements of the local authorities.

Coating of such surfaces must be considered a risk for which we cannot accept responsibility, since even after the most thorough treatment the efflorescence may recur.

Do not eat, drink or smoke while using the paint. Minimum drying time between coats: C3 modest Urban and industrial climate, modest pollution caused by sulphur dioxide.

Production facilities with high moisture merkblxtt some air pollution, e. Method of Application Guidelines for Spray Application: Clean existing renders by suitable wet cleaning method. The traces cannot occur when the material is applied under suitable climatic conditions. Only completely empty containers must be handed in for recycling.


Inapplicable on anodized aluminium and roofings. Prime chalking, sanding, absorbent surfaces with AmphiSilan-Putzfestiger. Reduces visible marks on dark colours, if surfaces are subjected to mechanical loads. Advice for allergy sufferers with isothiazolinone allergy: Copper ions in draining rain water run-off water merkblat react with ingredients of ThermoSan NQG and may cause a brownish discolouration.

Particular attention should be made to removing wastage from site in compliance with standard construction site procedures. Unstable Mineral Paint Coatings: If other cleaning methods are used washing, wire brushing, hosing with waterprime with AmphiSilan-Putzfestiger.

A thorough removal of rust to the degree of purity ST 3 by mechanical means or by hand may be sufficient, if corrosive loads are low e. Coat with ThermoSan NQG according to the type of existing finish render and details as mentioned below. Customer Service Centre Tel.: Allow wet cleaned surfaces to dry thoroughly before further treatment. Adhesive Tapes to Limit the Coating: Prime free-standing boards on both sides as well as on all edges. Ensure good ventilation during use and drying.

Repairs must have adequate time to cure and dry. In case of moist weather conditions rain, dew, fog yellowish transparent traces of additives, showing a slightly glossy shine and stickiness, may occur on the surface of compact, cool substrates or by means of delayed drying caused by the weather. Easy and elegant to apply. We will describe appropriate working methods, if a substrate not specified above is to be coated.



Material Properties Excellent adhesion. Remove completely by suitable means, e. Yellowing is a product typical effect of white alkyd lacquers synthetic varnishesdue to the use of natural oils.

Prime highly sanding, chalking renders with AmphiSilan-Putzfestiger. Organically cross-linked nano-quartz particles form a compact, mineral-hard, three-dimensional quartz matrix structure against meroblatt and keep facades clean for a longer period. Adhesion must be tested vfs advance for powder coatings, coil coatings and other critical substrates by trials.

Repair small defects with fine filler Caparol Fassaden-Feinspachtel, deeper damages up to 20 mm preferably with Histolith-Renovierspachtel and prime 2 areas subsequently. The quality of the dried coating will not be affected by these changes.

PU-AlkydGeo: Caparol

Clean with sanding pad and Multistar, 1: One enamel for priming, intermediate and top coat one pot system. Durability is no warranty period! Completely cured and ready for stress after approx. Lower temperatures and higher humidity extend the drying time.

Surfaces with Salty Efflorescence: Contains 1,2-benzisothiazol-3 2H -one, 2-methyl-2H-isothiazolone. Tintable in numerous colours via ColorExpress. High scratch resistance and shock strength.