Bifurcaria bifurcata is a southern species found on the Atlantic coast of France, Spain and Portugal and extending to the south and west coasts. Bifurcaria bifurcata , Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: ?p=taxdetails&id= on . Bifurcaria bifurcata. No image available for this species; drawing shows typical species in this Family. Classification / Names Common names | Synonyms | CoL .

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Citation This review can be cited as: Brown and red seaweeds as potential sources of antioxidant nutraceuticals.

Receptacles picture below cylindrical elongated at apices with many conceptacles visible as lighter coloured spots. National Trust Species Records.

MarLIN – The Marine Life Information Network – A brown seaweed (Bifurcaria bifurcata)

Reproductive features at extremity of the fronds during spring. It is absent from Scotland. Ross, Authority R.

World-wide electronic bfiurcaria, National University of Ireland, Galway. Cytotoxic and antitumor activity – A linear cytotoxic diterpene bifurcadiol was isolated from the brown alga Bifurcaria bifurcata by Guardia et al. Cylindrical fronds, unbranched near base then branched dichotomously but generally with different sizes which gives a typical zigzag aspect. Unlike the other fucoids, Bifurcaria bifurcata has no disc-like holdfast.


South to Morrocco and Western Sahara. Based on a work at www.

Bifurcaria – Wikipedia

Site maintained by M. Seaweed coursescookery courses, and much more in Co. Holdfast expanded and knobbly.

Halidrys siliquosa also occurs in similar pools but is profusely alternately branched with compressed fronds in the plane of branching, and commonly has compartmented floation structures with the shape of bufurcata. Emerald Isle Organic Irish Seaweed. Bifurcaria bifurcata at Ilfracombe.

Olive-yellow in colour, but much darker when dry.

Elongate reproductive bodies present at ends of branches. A field key to the British brown seaweeds Phaeophyta.

Ascophyllum nodosum, Fucus vesiculosus and Bifurcaria bifurcata. Journal of Applied Phycology Phycological Research 56 4: Epilithic in intertidal tide pools, occasionally exposed at low tide and extending into the shallow subtidal.

The impact of climate change on subtidal and intertidal benthic species in Scotland. Frond cylindrical, unbranched near base then branching dichotomously. Editions de la Station Biologique de Roscoff. Fronds tough, cylindrical, smooth, narrowly forked from about half way up the thallus. Flora phycologica iberica Vol. In Britain and Ireland mostly found in pools at about MTL, occasionally at low water on wave-washed ledges.

Also known as Bifurcaria rotunda Hudson Papenfuss and B. The information is from the Literature database. Antioxidant and antitumoural activities of some Phaeophyta from Brittany coasts. Global map of species distribution using gridded data. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 62B: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Important Determinants for Fucoidan Bioactivity Connemara Organic Seaweed Company provide hand harvested, sustainable, kelp and seaweed products for human consumption through health supplements and edible products.


A check-list and atlas of the seaweeds of Britain and Ireland.

The Seaweed Site: information on marine algae

Listed by – none. Flora phycologica iberica Vol. Cylindrical, rich yellow-brown, mm long picture above.

Screening of antibacterial activity in marine green and brown macroalgae Clump of Bifurcaria bifurcata. Manx Biological Recording Partnership, S hydroxygeranylgeraniol-derived diterpenes from the brown alga Bifurcaria bifurcata. Most common in limestone areas, and associated with the Black Sea Urchin, Paracentrotus bifurcatq and the coralline alga Lithophyllum incrustans. Welcome Q and A What are seaweeds? Bifurcaria bifurcata on exposed shore at Portland Bill, Dorset. Click here for copyright information and contact.

Elongate reproductive bodies present at ends of branches. Notes on the attachment of zygotes and germlings bifrucaria Bifurcaria bifurcata Ross Phaeophyceae, Fucales Note.