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The Severity entity used in this tutorial stores a preset list with values to choose from in this case, a Critical, Medium or Low qualification that enables a classification of tickets. The important point in this step is to fill out the Suggested steps field. You configure parameter entities in the Expert view. Click the Copy from option available in the upper ribbon. This condition is now configured so that Analyze and resolve is assigned to the user with least amount of work, who has the role of ” Service agent “.

Double-click the newly created Sequence Flow and label it No: Tutoriaal time, the Help desk process is accessible through the list of Recent processes:. You can also make the diagram tidier by resizing the lanes by clicking the Help desk process Pooland then relying on standard mouse resizing options to shorten its height. Inputted values or changes to them are temporarily saved, and permanently saved when you save the whole process diagram.

For this exercise, input an Estimated duration of 24 tutogial, a Lower limit of 1 hour and an Upper limit of 48 hours. Click Default Assignation users in the upper pane and then click Allow.

Bizagi Maintenance

You may need to expand bizago item representing the HelpDesk entity. Back in the process diagram view for the forms, click Confirm resolution to define its form. Defining performers means configuring the algorithms and conditions employed, for each of the different Activities, so Bizagi can assign workloads to process participants.

Click Admin menu and then select Users:. Add the Solution steps attribute into the Analysis group.

  DD 1423-1 PDF

Add the new Activity t o the bottom Lane Help desk agent:. Click Add to define two new String attributes. Even though this tutorial does not focus on Activity actionsthrough these you can run sophisticated operations, calculate values automatically, integrate other systems or emailing services, and invoke web services, among others options.

You can confirm this by clicking the View summary icon, where the state of the case is shown as “Successfully completed”:.

At this point, see the four users you created, plus the default internal system user admon:. Defining business rules means setting the logic that runs behind the processes. Click the Properties option found in the upper ribbon, biagi edit the general properties of the form.

This means that there is no need to explicitly create as business data such information fields. This will be a typical Help desk tutrial that one of your customers would use when they face a problem or difficulty and want to file a report or get help. Select Private in the Case security drop-down list.

Click the Processes module, which is the first one in the list at the left, and locate the Help desk process. Switch to the Controls tab, and expand Containers. When it comes to projects, we all have a different role to play. This is apart from the tutoriial internal system user which is shipped in with Bizagi. Here you can click Path to check the course of activities the case moved through:.

bizgai Rename default elements in the canvas using the right-click and Edit text options to have a tidier and self-descriptive process model.

This time, for Basic Informationwe suggest using:. Click the Forms icon to move into step three or click the Next arrow to the right:. Bizagi presents presents a graphical Process wizard which guides you through a series of points to consider when building your applications. Fill out details to Confirm the solution. Through the Help desk sample process presented by this tutorial, you can see how different users having separate rolestutorizl with Bizagi, while having ACL s in place to establish well-defined boundaries about what each role may and may not tutoriaal.


Both open the default browser in your machine and redirect you to your locally-hosted Work portal http: The display updates instantly as you design the form in this case, when creating the user interface for Report ticket.

How to’s > Bizagi tutorial

The By load assignment method always gives priority to a user who has previously worked on the same process instance if the user meets the assignment condition. Click the process diagram graphic view.

Click the new condition box Click to biazgi propertiesthen select the Role property from the drop-down list. Then click Add User Role in the right panel and select Analysis from the drop-down list:.

When you click Define expressions a section appears inside of step tutoril in the Process Wizardyou see the entire process diagram; but this time, the display focuses on Sequence Flow. Add an Activity following Report ticketby using the Pie menu. By default, the first time you access the Work portal you do not see a login page, since this is the bundled one for Bizagi Studio that has no users created so far, other than the default internal system user.