Taking this into account, her behaviour as well as other aspects of the tale take on new meanings. Keywords: Boccaccio, Decameron IV,5, Lisabetta da Messina, . Amongst the most interesting figures in the day is Lisabetta da Messina (5), the rich bourgeois lady who is in love with her brothers’ underling Lorenzo. Three merchant brothers of Messina have a beautiful sister named Lisabetta. of the kind of lovelorn ladies that Boccaccio claims is his target audience.

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In a dark wood not far from the Sicilian city of Messina, Lisabetta and her a well-known early Renaissance novella, one of the one hundred told over ten days the tale of Lisabetta da Messina, or Lisabetta from Messina, it is not clear that.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Whereat the young men, marvelling mightily, resolved to see what the pot might contain; and having removed the earth they espied the cloth, and therein the head, which was not yet so decayed, but that by the curled locks they knew it for Lorenzo’s head.

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Gonna go sell me some Aglianico llisabetta a steakhouse now. Gestire questi due stimoli significa saper affrontare la vita.

Lisabetta Da Messina by marco fucci on Prezi

The Decameron of Giovanni BoccaccioJ. I never imagined that my post the other day on Fake Pesto would lead to such a long comment thread here at the blog and over in the Facebook feed. The emphasis on Lorenzo’s decomposition and decay, mentioned three times, recalls elements of the plague as described by Boccaccio in the introduction. Questa, quindi, la cornice entro la quale si vengono ad inserire cento racconti diversi, ognuno con un proprio tempo, una sua trama, un tema, uno spazio.


Discovered in the act of love by Lisabetta’s brother, Lorenzo is taken outside the city, killed, and buried in an unmarked grave. The girl ceased not to weep and crave her pot, and, so weeping, died.

Read the entire tale in English here.

Folklore lissbetta Literature in Decameron 4. Messina can be taken as lisaebtta metaphor for Florence and love as a metaphor for the plague. Analisi delle giornate, dei temi e delle novelle Indice Composizione e diffusione dell’opera Struttura e trama La cornice narrativa: Rivista di studi italiani Dizionario biografico degli italiani. Giovanni Boccaccio, Decameron giornata IX. But as Lorenzo did not return, voccaccio Lisabetta questioned the brothers about him with great frequency and urgency, being sorely grieved by his long absence, it so befell that one day, when she was very pressing in her enquiries, one of the brothers said: Lisabetta’s brothers are merchants who left Tuscany, possibly San Gimignano or even Florence, to travel to Sicily.

Although no direct mention of the plague appears after the author’s lengthy portrayal at the beginning of the work, echoes of the epidemic are present in the novella of Lisabetta and Lorenzo.

Lisabetta and the Pot of Basil from Boccaccio’s Decameron

Thanks again, Hande, for keeping me on my toes! Critica letteraria 19 Tre premesse e una dichiarazione d’amore. Jan van de Craats Here at the blog, Hande pointed out rightly that pestoliterally pestledenotes the dressing for pasta made of ground basil, cheese, pine nuts, garlic, and olive oil. Basil was prized for booccaccio healing properties for external wounds in the Middle Ages.

Immaginare dei ragazzi che si incontrano per raccontarsi novelle e storie fantasiose potrebbe far pensare al prototipo di un gruppo di ragazzi di oggi che si consigliano — e poi vedono assieme — dei film famosi boccacccio particolarmente appassionanti! Il Decameron fu composto da Boccaccio tra il e il.

Lisabetta and Lorenzo’s Tomb (on Decameron IV,5).

Lorenzo also left Pisa to travel with them. In cosa consiste allora? But so it was that one night, when, after long weeping that her Lorenzo came not back, she had at last fallen asleep, Lorenzo appeared to her in a dream, wan and in utter disarray, his clothes torn to shreds and sodden; and thus, as she thought, he spoke:. Such was the end of her disastrous love; but not a few in course of time coming to know the truth of the affair, there was one that made the song that is still sung: The pot being taken from her by her brothers, she dies not long after.


I was so shocked when I first came to Italy and saw the Italian basil!

The emphasis on Lorenzo’s decomposition and decay, mentioned three times, recalls elements of the plague as described by Boccaccio in the introduction. Canettieri, Paolo e Arianna Punzi a cura di.

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Albeit the account of the plague and Filomena’s story differ in many ways, similar plague-referential conditions are found in both.

Il suo spirito curioso e sensibile lo porta a saper interpretare e rielaborare le suggestioni che riceve da questi due poli apparentemente antitetici letteratura classica e volgare sono in opposizione a partire dalla questione linguistica che mette latino contro appunto popolare fino ad arrivare ai temi: She then wrapped it in a piece of fine cloth, and set it in a large and beautiful pot of the sort in which marjoram or basil is planted, and covered it with earth, and therein planted some roots of the goodliest basil of Salerno, and drenched them only with her tears, or water perfumed with roses or orange-blossoms.


In Turkey there is a version of basil that has tiny little leaves, almost like oregano, which has a different smell and taste. With more documents and option obtainable we expect our readers can get what they are truly in search of. Related Pages in Themes and Motifs: