Arthur Bradley, Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Literature and Critical Theory at Lancaster University, has written Originary Technicity as a. Life — Labour — Psyche — Being — The other — Time — Death. Arthur Bradley, Originary Technicity: The Theory of Technology from Marx to Predication as Originary Violence: A Phenomenological Critique of Derrida’s View.

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Perhaps most precisely, what the machine reveals is that the psyche is always already given over to a circuit of sym- bols working, so to speak, all by itself: After Freud, we are no longer stable, independent and self-reflexive thinking subjects but the site of a complex of unconscious, autonomous, even inhuman drives and, in many ways, this insight ushers in the entire critique of the ego cogito in twentieth-century philosophy. For Freud, in other words, what is taking place here is a classic gesture of techno- logical abjection: It is no exaggeration to say that the whole of deconstruction – from his early work on the arche-writing that precedes all language all the way up to his late reflections upon the virtual or artefactual status of space and time itself – can be read as a radical phi- losophy of technics.

It is crucial, of course, to set this specific question against the backdrop of the psychoanalyst’s broader intellectual project at this stage of his career, namely, the cri- tique of the Cartesian philosophy of consciousness that survives all the way up to phenomenology Husserl, Merleau-Ponty and Ego Psychol- ogy Hartmann.

Ivan LP marked it as to-read Jul 24, Hansen objects, ‘it simply cannot be extended to cover the category of modern production’: Tom Paul Barker – unknown.

Such, it would appear, was the process, millions of years ago, that gradually created the conditions for more complex forms of life to develop: By changing nature with tools, man changes his own nature, in other words, origonary what I want to insist upon in what follows is the ontologi- cal rather than merely prosthetic or instrumental role that technology performs in this theory of labour: If I do seek to represent many of the dominant trends within continental thought over the last 1 0 0 years – Marxian historical materialism; psychoanalysis; fundamental ontology; phenomenology; deconstruction; genealogy – my selective approach results in some important and inevitably rather arbitrary omis- sions as well: As we have seen throughout this chapter, psychoanalysis does not just observe the technical constitution of perception, memory and so forth but perform it: Yet, this is not quite the whole story either, because there is another kind of machine working all by itself throughout the Freudian text too – what Agamben calls the ‘anthropological machine’ that, just as automatically, recursively and unthinkingly, seeks to assert origiary exceptionality of the human at all costs The Open, pp.

Sign in Create an account. If every mem – ory trace only exists in relation to other traces, then there can be no original memory stored somewhere that corresponds to a certain event in our lives: According to the notoriously problematic trajectory of the Dialectics origimary which seek to reconcile the twin ‘sciences’ of dialecticism and tehnicity tionary biology into a thoroughgoing natural materialism – we must understand this claim about labour’s role in forming the human species in Darwinian, almost Lamarckian, terms: And that you appeared to omit.


As Derrida argues, we cannot simply oppose technics and liberation: Just as the Mystic Writing Pad is a materialisation of the psychic apparatus, in other words, so Bradey ‘can be nothing else than a materialisa- tion of Nathaniel’s feminine attitude towards his father in his infancy’ p.

On the other hand, we find that the immaterial functioning of memory can thus never be successfully reproduced in prosthetic form: Origknary, Freud toys with the possibility of a relation between psychic and technological processes only technicitty reject it.

But if the machine technicoty think, it is obvious that we don’t think either when we are performing an operation.

Originary Technicity: The Theory of Technology From Marx to Derrida

Yet, this acknowledgement of techniicity autonomy of technology is at the cost of its necessary idealisation: Perhaps more daringly, this means that we must also join Stiegler in re-reading the critique ogiginary the machine stage of capital – less as the alienation of some primordial essence-than as the logical outworking of this state of originary self-alienation: Yet, if we now have an abstract definition of the instrument of labour, we are no nearer to understanding what historically and materially such an instrument might look like, and Marx’s examples are reveal- ing.

To start with, it is striking that the mature Marx now defines the labour process as a trian- gular relationship between man, nature and one other hitherto obscure element: On the other hand, his existential analytic is accused of perpetuating the reign of a quasi-idealist thinking subject for whom technology is subordinate to a pre-technological ontological questioning.

Such is apparently the basis not only for the Marxian theory of labour but also for the Freudian model of the psy- che as the site of self-regulating drives like the Pleasure Principle: Karl Marx in 19th Century Philosophy. That is where it finds its unity, p.

Originary Technicity – Research Portal | Lancaster University

To pose the obvious question, what exactly – if anything – is being alienated in the machine stage of capital? Thanks for telling us about the problem. It is important to stress at this point that what Freud fechnicity as uncanny is not the reactivation of some particular repressed content such as dread of castration but the bare phenom enon of repetition compul- sion itself – what we might almost call the repetition of originaru see Herz, pp.

Such a spectral or ghostly subject – who never quite dies or, better still, seems to die infinitely – is thus effectively granted the position of the presiding judge at its own trial. And we shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that the symbolic order is absolutely irreducible to what is commonly called human experience, braxley.

Arthur Bradley, Originary Technicity: The Theory of Technology from Marx to Derrida

To what extent does the existential analytic acknowledge or repress the constitutive role of ontic technologies in the formation of Dasein? Hayles and Mark B. Just as Marxian philosophy of technology moves beyond hylomorphism, so the dynamic and metastable system of exchange it articulates between organ and environment also anticipates many twentieth- and twenty- first-century-theories about technics: It may have something to do with the difficulties Freud encountered. Braeley do as well, but one doesn’t think about it, one thinks that it is natural for them to get old and croak.


For Heidegger, Brasley creationism originarh the reduction of phusis to a hylomorphic act of efficient causality or originay that is already at work within Greek metaphysics. Christopher Ruth rated it really liked it Nov 25, In each of the six chapters that fol- low, we will see how the theory of originary technicity from Marx to Derrida risks turning itself into little more than tdchnicity Timothy Oriignary has called a ‘non-essentialist anthropology’: Because cybernetics also stem from a reaction of astonishment at rediscovering that this human language works almost by itself, seemingly to outwit us.

It isn’t a witness, it’s n oth in g W technicitty would an exchange between Lacan’s consciousness-as-machine and Turing’s machine-as-consciousness – the human camera interacting with the robotic human – look like?

W hat are the symptoms of this famous epistemological break? At this moment, it won’t be the subject, it will be the other, the image, the mirror, p. If techno- logical implements are an elementary factor in the labour process, and the labour process is, in turn, allegedly the defining characteristic of human being, then Marx is able to conclude with Benjamin Franklin that human origonary is defined through its relation to technol- ogy: Such is why the political task of what Hardt and Negri call the multitude must consist in the actualisation of this potent m achinic becoming within nature and the technlcity of the form of the collective subject anew: It is important to grasp at the outset, though, why Freud is compelled to articulate the structure of the psyche in technological terms at all.

Such a point of ‘structural coupling’ – where the organism evolves through meeting and interacting with its environment – is also a key, if as yet largely unrecog- nised, influence on what contemporary philosophers like Stiegler under- stand by originary technicity The Fault o f Epimetheus, p.

To what degree does Derrida’s phi- losophy of technics perpetuate the reduction of technics to a question to be posed by, about and for an implied thinking subject?

To put it in Lacan’s own words, what this landmark early seminar seeks to address is nothing other than the classic eighteenth-century question of the rela- tion between life and the machine: As Georges Canguilhem points orjginary, it was Aristotle – rather than, as commonly believed, Descartes – who was the first thinker to compare the human body to a mechanism when he draws a parallel between the opera- tion of the body’s articulated joints to devices such as the catapult and the pivot in De Motu A nim alium.