In areas at the limit of their cold tolerance, therefore, it is prudent to grow the plants in containers for some years, giving them winter protection, and only planting. 16 Tháng Tám Brahea dulcis in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. Finding Brahea decumbens and Brahea dulcis growing on one of these gypsum outcrops was never part of the plan for day 3 trip around.

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That is, no seeds were observed to germinate or seedlings to establish. The results are different. Before starting our drive down into the deep valley to see Geohintonia mexicana and Aztekium hintoniiI found a beautiful flowering tree.

For more information about QR Codes click here. While the species is and has been extensively used currently and in the past, certain uses dulccis greatly decreased or discontinued. Home About us Catalog Latest offers Palm catalogue Yuccas, cactus and other succulents Olive, citrus and other trees Cycads, shrubs and other plants Palms Palms in gardens Introduction Conditions for the growth of palms outdoors Planting and conservation of palms The transplanting of palms Indoor palms Introduction Acclimatazation of palms The rise and fall of temperatures indoors Light Relative humidity and watering Substrates and fertilizers Table I: When these results are compared to those recorded for other brahes, it can be seen that B.

Tlaxco had the next-densest population, but it was dominated by juveniles, which are not useful, and by seedlings and saplings, which are not yet useful. In this first exploratory trip we conducted open interviews with some twelve handcrafters in Tlaxco all women, because there were no male handcrafters in the town.

When N is two or more, the standard error s. Received Apr 23; Accepted Dec Recommendations for sustainable use As a first step, we propose apply in RBBM the traditional palm management practices used in Guerrero, including removing suckers and controlling djlcis [ 15 ].


Brahea dulcis – Wikispecies

Eighteen of them had inflorescences or infructescences during the study period. As a result, transporting the material is an essential part of the process, in the past on donkeys and now in trucks.


Leaf Ecology of Pre-reproductive ontogenetic stages of the palm tree Euterpe edulis Mart. Your email address will not be published. Plants from the north of its range tolerate several degrees of frost if they are growing in a dry sunny climate[]. A first class website.

If two palms close together were joined at the root, it was counted as one individual. Palmately compound, bright green, finely cut, fronds smaller than other Brahea. This makes dulvis ideal from the point of view of sustainable NTFP use, since although removing leaves for handicraft uses dulcjs photosynthetic production for an average of Conclusions We propose that Brahea dulcis is the palm with the highest potential for sustainable use in the arid and semi-arid zones of Brabea.

In our opinion, it is very important that A-SA resources be studied more extensively for a variety of reasons, including: In order for the sample to be statistically independent, palms du,cis in patches were excluded, since it is known that individuals located close to each other btahea be genetically identical [ 13 ]. Table 2 Defoliation treatments applied to Brahea dulcis individuals for one year at La Yerbabuena Mexico.

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The palm Brahea dulcis has been one of the most important resources in semi-arid Mesoamerica, since pre-Hispanic times. Pre-soaking the seed for 24 hours in warm water prior to sowing may shorten the germination time.

For a list of references used on this page please go here.

Brahea dulcis

Which types of products are and have been produced currently and in the past? Dulcix this, at each fortnightly sampling, new leaves were marked with paint on the petioleusing a different color each time. Soils Some palms need fertile and well drained soils; others can grow in calcareous soils and even soils poor in organic matter, provided that they drain well drained ; other palms are very rustic and can grow in practically all types of soil, even in clay and poor soils.

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Both authors duocis and approved the final manuscript. Additionally, objects made of NTFP help the carbon sink, and offer a better alternative than plastic to fight climate change.

For a guy meant to protect the area, he had no interest in looking in our backpacks filled with camera gear. The insignificant effect that harvesting new and mature B. A chi-square function was used to evaluate the statistical significance of the variables.

After two weeks, we returned to interview four sellers at the Ixmiquilpan market, to ask about where they found the handcrafters whose work they sold.

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Less than 6 m. Even today, the palm is used for religious offerings, and to make a variety of utilitarian items; brhaea have put almost every part of these palm plants to some use. Views Read View source View history. This ethnoecological study of B.

The use and commercial importance of this NTFP is so large that in the Chilapa market alone, which may be where the most of the species is sold, it is estimated that an average of tonnes are sold per month Cati Illsley, pers.

Conclusions We suggest that B. Please view the copyright link for more information. Use inside Some palms are an excellent addition to home decor being in little need of light, water or humidity.

Diameter of the plant Width or diameter to which the crown on the palm may grow when it is an adult. Brahea dulcis, this time in an open position.

Agave americana on gypsum soil. The inflorescences were classified into five stages: These two different morphologies are the result of management practices employed by the local people intensive leaf harvesting, burning, and grazingwhich keeps the palm trees short; moreover continual leaf harvesting increases plant population density [ 6 ].

Exposure The degree of exposure to the sun that the palm needs to grow well.

The distance between sites ranges between 4.