Brain Wave [Poul Anderson, Tom Weiner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For millions of years, the part of the galaxy containing our solar. So Brain Wave’s brevity can in all likelihood be attributed to editorial requirements of the time that shackled SF writers’ imaginations to guidelines dictated by the. (Richard Powers’ cover for the edition) /5 (Vaguely Good) I have long been a fan of Poul Anderson’s functionalist yet engaging SF.

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While everyone around him leaves the rural landscape in search of ways to apply their new knowledge, Archie — with his increased intelligence — is content to remain on the farm tending the animals.

You have a good looking site. Next Post Next when dad is just as bad as the bullies. View all 48 comments. View all 4 comments. Aug 08, Craig rated it liked it Shelves: He is one of the first to understand the change.

Book Review: Brain Wave, Poul Anderson (magazine publication 1953)

It mostly taps into the presumed “outsider” feelings of its readership and is only tragic in that the nerd’s fantasy did not last with the main character. Finlay, Charles Anedrson C. Pretty heady stuff for a supposed conservative in the s. While the premise is brilliant, the execution is not. Hated working inside, in front of a computer all day, and went back to work on the family farm.

Neighbor of the Corinths. However this sudden smarts-boost brings more than philosophising and higher sudoku scores.


And in a scene eerily reminiscent of Animal Farmthe pigs braknwave out of their pen and organize themselves into an attack on the feed barn before escaping into the surrounding woods. Also, the first half of the work operates on a somewhat fallacious premise — that the majority of humankind will leave their jobs if they were slightly more intelligent.

What I had forgotten about were the parts of the book that didn’t work at all.

Brain wave | Open Library

A fascinating ‘what if novel, Brainwave is an exploration into the ways human society is organized and the assumptions that are made about how life is valued. Meanwhile apes join revolutions in Africa while rabbits and pigs use their newly sharpened wits to escape from human traps and cages.

Sort of like Flowers For Algernonbut on the global scale. In another scene, a young boy on summer break works out the basic foundations of calculus before breakfast. Now in modern times, Earth suddenly moves braiwave of the field. History Created October 17, 12 revisions Download catalog record: His work may not be as engagingly readable as Asimov, or as accessibly impactful as Clarke.

As “Brain Wave” begins, Earth is finally emerging from this light-years-wide field, with the result that the IQs of most human beings quadruple, to aroundand even the animals of the field become vastly more intelligent. Fortunately for us the planet moves out of the field some time after WWII has ended, as the chances of everyone suddenly getting smarter while trying to make atomic weapons would realistically only end in a ballet of mushroom clouds trying to anderrson each other out of the way like the elephants in Dumbo’s nightmare sequence instead of everyone stopping to go, “Hey, is this the best use of our time?


Q, named Archie Brock, how he coped with the revolt of the crafty pigs and came to regret the slaughter of the sheep, who were now consciously, creepily, ppoul of their fate.

Weiner has a great voice for old science fiction. As my blog is my first ever and since I am computerically challengedI brainaave for the WordPress default theme, with which I am fairly pleased.

It just could have been so much more. Anderson had said that he could consider it one of his top five books [1] This is one of many science fiction works written at this time anderso the theme of heightened intelligence. The Earth has been in a field inhibiting intelligence since the dawn of man, when earth passes through the anomaly intelligence increases overnight.

on poul anderson’s brain wave

So I found that in reading slower I spent more time thinking of the implications. Are you sure you want to remove Brain wave from your list? After the change he experiences an emotional battle to stay loyal anddrson his wife, although he has feelings for another woman in his office.

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