As Ignazio Silone’s novel Bread and Wine opens, Don Benedetto, a Catholic priest, is sitting outside his modest home. It is his seventy-fifth birthday, and he is . When it first appeared in , Bread and Wine stunned the world with its exposure of Italy’s fascist state, depicting that regime’s use of. Ignazio Silone’s classic novel Bread and Wine served as a moral compass to U.S. leftists seeking alternatives to both capitalism and.

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In that novel he explored in detail the lives of peasants in the early s rise of Fascism in Italy. Ignazio Silone, despite of his years in exile in France and Switzerland, due too the fascist dictatorship in Italy, was able to capture the esence of those days.

Sep 09, Martin Blasco rated it it was amazing. By parts it is very funny and has a an row quality about it like the character Sciatap who went to america and sklone having learned a single phrase: In Fascist Italy, a Socialist man recently returned from exile, in order to evade the law, is disguised as a priest–he will have immunity from persecution as an ecclesiastic– and lives among the Never conform to the majority.

Znd some reason I have never been able to determine, the fiction of Italy, Spain, and Portugal have been, as it were, swept under the carpet. I’ve read many good books, but only a handful touched my heart in the end, Bread and Wine moved me deeply and the ending left me so shocked. May 04, Bryn Hammond rated it really liked it Shelves: Return to Book Page.


In defiance of genre, Silone weaves a heavy tapestry from threads of fable, philosophy, morality play, and political subterfuge. I am not sure how you understood this from my review. Bob Corbett corbetre webster. It was finished while the author was in exile from Benito Mussolini’s Italy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Highly recommended and just as cu In Fascist Italy, a Iggnazio man recently returned from exile, in order to evade the law, is disguised as a priest–as an ecclesiastic he will have immunity from persecution– and lives among the peasants of the Abruzzi. The novel quickly leaves the ibnazio behind to follow one of his students, Pietro Spina, as he steals his way back into Italy as a socialist comrade.

A book about change, about trying to change, about efforts and exhaustion, about disappointment and hope.

Bread and Wine (novel) – Wikipedia

The few italian authors whom I have interacted with have always left mecyearnibg for more of their writings. In the end he is forced, just as the author Ignazio Silone himself was, to flee into exile in order to keep up the battle from a far.

Want to Read saving…. Later he was disillusioned with the way it was practised and came out of the institution. It takes no sides. When our partisan group Partito d’Azione communicated with OSS agents then in charge of organize resistant in Nazi-occupied countries they wanted to know movements of German divisions, how many anti-aircrafts were posted near bridges on the Ticino river, could we interrupt telephone communications so that the Germans had to to the air and after the war I found out that the German code had been brokennot my existential condition.


I read this one in or so, prompted by Silone’s associations with postwar French thinkers and the usual rot which attracts pseuds in their early twenties.

Bread and Wine by Ignazio Silone

Bread and Wine is an anti-fascist and anti-Stalinist novel written by Ignazio Silone. Bennett Snippet view – Meanwhile, Pietro Spina falls in love with a girl, but can not reveal his true identity Other books in the series. View all 3 comments. Even though the novel is heavily about the battle of ideas in this struggle against Fascism, like FONTAMARA, much of it is set in the countryside and once again Silone demonstrates his deep understanding of the hardships of rural ifnazio in the time of deep depression and deprivation.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Pietro lives in Abruzzo, in village of Pietrasecca Marsicaand is forced to pretend to wilone a priest, to avoid arousing suspicion.

Bread and Wine

Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. Silone was virtually unknown in Italy until after World War II, by which time he had undergone a radical spiritual transformation that is explained in a very moving essay, “Emergency Exit,” included in Richard Crossman’s The God That Failed The Abruzzo Cycle 2 books. Thsi background in mind makes the book very interesting.

The man who thinks with is own mind and keeps it uncorrupted is free. Even the romantic connections he forms, soon dissipates, and is forgotten.