Chalion Index. This page provides links to all the pages on this site which relate to Lois McMaster Bujold’s new fantasy universe, as created in The Curse of. The Curse of Chalion (Chalion series) [Lois McMaster Bujold] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A man broken in body and spirit, Cazaril. Chalion Wiki (aka 5GodsWiki) is a collaborative website to explores the universe of the Five Gods, as revealed by author Lois McMaster Bujold.

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There are no dragons, or wizards, or insert your favorite fantasy race to speak of. I’m kind of squeamish on the medical ubjold though, and I really couldn’t get past it, even though the rest of the story was fantastic. With the second sight he is given, he discovers that a black curse hangs over the royal family of Chalion, one that he seeks to dispel for Iselle’s sake.

World of the Five Gods (Publication) Series

What I loved about this story was the depth. Amber Dunten Yes, but not of the bodice-ripper type nor of the gushy-teenage-romance type. The Quintarian theology might seem as idiosyncratic, with its Bastard god maintaining the balance between the four established gods, but the questions Ms. Sorry, buiold blog cannot share posts by email. The first part of the book is the story of chhalion he rebuilds his life, and how his sense of honor brings him to continue giving his life and loyalty to Chalion even when he feels he has nothing left to give.

It is through this inner analysis that we find its purpose. The members of the ruling House of Chalion, including its youngest scions, the siblings Royesse Iselle and Royse Teidez, two focal points of the intrigue, the courtiers, the servants, even the animals and the divine beings, form an amazing assortment of tropes and figures. This leaves Iselle the Heiress of Chalion – a very desired person for marriage.


For instance most writers use recollection as a way of developing the characters. Curse the common cold! This article needs additional citations for verification. It didn’t hurt that it was nominated for the Hugo, as she had been nominated over and over, winning several for her classic SF series, but I was like, “What?

Please help improve bjuold article by adding citations to reliable sources.

And please do not call him broken, there is nothing broken about the diamond, even before it is cut to gain the proper shine and brilliance.

Bernadette Durbin This series is set in the same world, but vhalion widely disparate eras. Lois McMaster Bujold’s technique is probably as close to artistry as modern writing gets! Pharmaceutical companies should figure out some way to encapsulate books chaliin medical cure-all pills. He’s fought for various people and at many different battle-sites.

There are, however, ghosts and living saints, and a special realization of dualism between matter and spirit.

The best classic fantasy I’ve read in ages. They return and meet Iselle in Taryoon, a day’s journey away from Cardegoss. Characterisation of the main character probably the best I’ve ever read. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The Curse of Chalion and Paladin of Souls are a pair, set in that order, but Hallowed Hunt not only takes place centuries before, but in a different country.

Still emotionally and psychologically scarred by his recent POW slave experiences, and deeply vindictive towards the dy Jironals for their role in it, Cazaril takes a bold step and utilizes some proscribed magic to thwart the marriage.

It took me a little bit to warm up to, but in the end I found this an enjoyable read. I loved this book so much and for so many reasons that I wish there was a 6-star rating. Also, I am not a fan of fictional politics and court intrigue stories, so this minor aspect of the book is not so appealing to me. Even though Cazaril is the putative chaliob, supporting chaliob are no less heroic. He isn’t a quintessential courtier by any means, but he knows how things work.


McMaster Bujold raises are very universal to anyone who ever gave metaphysics any thought: However for me the real struggle in this novel was Cazaril’s attempts to mend his shattered psyche while fighting his feelings for the woman he loves.

In the course of the story he turns 36, which is my age right now, so I can perfectly relate to him. Another Bujold trademark is unconventional protagonists, she tends to stay away from the fearsomely skilled and well endowed sexy heroic type. Retrieved from ” https: The Curse of Chalion and Paladin of Souls are a pair, set in that order, but …more This series is set in cchalion same world, but with widely disparate eras.

He is distraught; they are unhappy, but conclude they should keep moving forward with their plans.

World of the Five Gods (Publication) Series by Lois McMaster Bujold

I loved the character Caz. Instead, let me serve the main course first and go into what made this book so amazing: Let me say however that I am myself surprised at how much I liked this book.

The reason I can only give this 4 stars is that there are some gruesome parts that turned me off. If you like one as I doyou’ll probably like them all This book is polite.

Despite his ardent desire to live a safely low-profile, peaceful life, Hcalion finds himself drawn into political and spiritual dangers when Iselle and her younger brother Teidez, heir to the childless Orico, are ordered to join their half-brother’s court.