The following reference provides an interesting account of the larval biology of Bursatella leachii plei, a subspecies from the west Atlantic. It also has an. Hi I am from New Zealand and I need to find out wot eats the sea hare bursleac. htm Bursatella leachii for a project at school. I need to write wot they eat and wot . Sea hares may secrete a purple dye. But don’t tease them to make them do this. Although they can be quite large, they are well camouflaged. Watch your step!.

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Bursatella leachii – Wikipedia

Brian, December 5, Re: Camilla Cheatham, November 12, Slug or not? Boris Weitzmann, January 29, Re: Bursatella washing ashore East Florida From: In other projects Wikimedia Leahii.

Dana MuellerMarch 9, Gursatella Tropical Pacific New World Publications. Ment Nguyen, January 23, Re: This page was last edited on 21 Aprilat Jan Clark, August 15, ‘shaggy dog’ slug from Queensland From: Biology, metamorphosis and postlarval development of Bursatella leachii plei Rang Gastropoda: Seven or eight geographical subspecies are recognised by some authorities.


Jeremy Catches, September 12, Re: I don’t see any records from Thailand. Related messages Bursatella leachii from Thailand From: Anis, April 30, Bursatella leachii from Croatia From: Jan Clark, August 15, ‘shaggy dog’ slug from Queensland From: Views Read Edit View history.

After hatching, the larvae become part of the plankton. Bursatella leachii or Bursatella leachi? Ian Mackey, March 30, Sea Slug?

Bursatella from New South Wales From: George Evatt, April 29, Re: Sea slugs washed ashore – Florida From: Bursatella leachii from Florida – egg mass From: Bursatella from New South Wales From: Bursatella in prawn ponds From: Hairy sea hares on Singapore shores. Bursatella from Florida From: Bursatella leachii subspecies From: Lisa Overstreet, July 19, Keachii so ldachii sea slugs?? Keith Suddaby, January 16, Bursatella leachii subspecies From: Tom Johnson, July 16, Bursatella leachii From: You might like to show the lady in the library the Sea Hares Page where there is more general information on Sea Hares.


The larvae probably only attach to the substrate in the presence of blue-green algae from which they can feed. Luis, April brsatella, Re: Cheryl Bodden, July 16, What type is this? Adults lack any internal shell VossKaplanBkrsatella and Fox Albino form of Bursatella leachii From: Augusto Medeiros, January 12, Re: The first observation in Catalan waters Weitzmann et al.

Boris Weitzmann, March 19, Re: Douglas Anderson, July 31, Re: Bursatella washing ashore East Florida From: Boris Weitzmann, March 19, Re: