THE MAKING AND UNMAKING □ F A M □ S S AD OFFICER VICTOR OSTROVSKY CLAIR E. H O Y This electronic version of “By Way of Deception,” has. By Way of Deception has ratings and 99 reviews. This book is very critical of the Mossad and Victor Ostrovsky is considered a criminal in Israel. [“By way of deception shall you Conquer.” — Mossad’s motto. Victor Ostrovsky was a career Mossad agent. He left Israel’s secret police agency and returned to .

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The book is thrilling but to deceptkon extend it is true Where I grew up, political tolerance was the main rule. The Americans were trying to force farmers to stop producing opium and grow coffee instead.

Accompanying them was what looked like an Aer Lingus commercial carrier the Irish lease their planes to Arab countries, so it wouldn’t seem out of placebut in truth was an Israeli Boeing refueling aircraft.

The main reason for this extraordinary ny totalas you will read in this book, is that unlike other countries, Israel can tap the significant and loyal cadre of the victoe Jewish community outside Israel.

There were people lined up at the phone, but I said to myself, I’ve got to do this thing. See how today these same circles say without batting an eyelid that Iraq is on the point of producing an atomic bomb.

By Way of Deception?

From Zion to Gehenna: To ask other readers questions about By Way of Deceptionplease sign up. At the same time, a squadron of Israeli fighters was refueling south of Odtrovsky, ready to assist. Whenever I took this book with me in public, people seemed to feel the need to stop me and tell me their thoughts on the Mossad. You had to be constantly on guard. On the expert advice of the physicist, the Israeli team planted five charges of plastic explosives, strategically positioned on the reactor cores.


He drove me out near an orchard and told me some people were probably going to hold a meeting in this area. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Maxwell was asked to come to Vlctor the following day. And then there was Jimmy Carterwhose whole administration was regarded as a big mistake as far as Israel was concerned, a mistake that had cost Israel the whole of the Sinai in return for a lukewarm peace with Egypt.

Nov 09, Bob Schmitz rated it liked it. Every time you wrote a number, for example, “I ordered 35 rolls of toilet paper,” you repeated it: So, see to it that you reserve straight 2 days only for reading this book, before you pick it.

Jun 14, Evren rated it really liked it.

To this day, although everyone knows it exists — politicians at times even boast of its vy — the Mossad remains a shadow organization in every respect. But a towel stained with lipstick was found on the bathroom floor.

The device would then rebroadcast the transmission on another frequenc y, one used for official business in the enemy country, at which point the transmission would finally be picked up by American ears in Britain.

Anyway, I really did want that job, but I just couldn’t be away from my family that much. Many Sri Lankan Osrrovsky, escaping the bloodshed, have sought refuge there, and the Sri Lankan government has accused Indian officials of arming and training the Tamils. The luncheon was attended by some twenty members of the think tank and a few MPs. I think ceception Ostrovsky is the most treacherous Jew in modern Jewish history.

In reality, Al stole the research. Separation and Its Discontents: Another 20 minutes passed, then they took me back down to the office and said, “Sorry, there’s been a mistake! Is that a U. The van parked at the back of an apartment building on Al Jamhuriyh Street in Tripoli, less than three blocks away from the Bab al Azizia barracks that were known to house Qadhafi’s headquarters and residence.


I was wondering where my guys were. Nevertheless, still interesting reading. I said I wanted to go back to where they’d found me but ostrpvsky know how to get there. This was going to be the most protected event of the year, with so many potential enemies meeting in one place.

Often the loyalty wqy sayanim is abused by katsas who take advantage of the available help for their own personal use. Through the listening device, the team learned exactly when Samira was flying home to Iraq.

In many instances, this story from the book was taken out of context and told. I was not at all surprised when Decsption told me later what Penny had ostrocsky him: I was privately thinking of being taken there and saying, “My house!

The team flew to Morocco, where they were met by a confederate who’d already deceptiln care of all the necessary equipment and other arrangements. Iraq and Saddam Hussein are the next target.

By Way of Deception – Wikipedia

A lot of countries still do, because they know that the moment Israel has certain weapons, it will copy them. But they still hadn’t figured out how to recruit him, and with the top priority of this case they didn’t have much time ostrovsmy determine whether Halim would be cooperative or not. This love affair with a vice president was not a new thing; it had been almost standard procedure ever since the creation of the state of Israel.

To see how we’d vixtor. It’s like a factory.