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Since MarchDr. Antonini joined EMPA — Swiss Federal Laboratory for Material Science and Technology — as scientist, focusing on the control of surface wetting properties of cellulose-based materials for various engineering applications, ranging from liquid separation oil remediation to thermal insulation. One of his current projects includes ice templating as a technique to fabricate ultra-porous foams from nanofibrillated cellulose with selective liquid absorption.

In SeptemberDr. Salta al contenuto principale.

Futuri studenti Studenti immatricolati Studenti internazionali Poljmi la laurea Alumni. Ricerca Peer-reviewed journal papers P. Superhydrophobicity of nanofibrillated cellulose materials through polysiloxane nanofilaments. Detergency and its implications for oil emulsion sieving and separation, Langmuir, 33 17 accavemico, pp — Langmuir, 33 8— Water touch-and-bounce from a soft viscoelastic substrate: Wetting, dewetting and rebound on bitumen.


Contactless prompt tumbling-rebound of drops from a sublimating slope. Fluids 1, Runback ice formation mechanism on hydrophilic and superhydrophobic surfaces. Cold Regions Science and Technology Supercooled water drops impacting superhydrophobic textures. Langmuir 30 36— Gavaises, VOF simulations of the contact angle dynamics during the drop spreading: Standard models and a new wetting force model.

Advances in Colloid accdemico Interface Science Assessing durability of superhydrophobic surfaces. Hierarchically nanotextured surfaces maintaining superhydrophobicity under severely adverse conditions. Nanoscale 6, Oblique impacts of water drops onto hydrophobic and superhydrophobic surfaces: Experiments in Fluids 55, Unraveling wetting transition through surface textures with X-rays: Liquid meniscus penetration phenomena.

Scientific Reports 4, Calemdario of ice shedding properties of superhydrophobic coatings on helicopter blades. Cold Regions Science and Technology50—58 Nano Letters 14 1— Drop Rebound after Impact: The Role of the Receding Contact Angle.

Xccademico— Water drops accademjco on ice: Physical Review Letters Drop impact and wettability: Understanding the drop impact phenomenon on soft PDMS substrates. Soft Matter 8, Drop collisions with simple and complex surfaces. Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science 16, — Cold Regions Science and Technology 67, 58—67 Langmuir 25, Prediction of the dynamic response of complex transmission line systems for unsteady pressure measurements.


Measurement Science and Technology 19, Capitoli di libri A.

Politecnico di Milano: Cultura

Fundamentals of anti-icing surfaces. Theory, Preparation and Applications, Royal Society of Chemistry. All you need is drops: Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy.

Dancing drops at interfaces: University of Brighton, Brighton, UK. All you need is drops. University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.

York University, Toronto, Canada. To icephobicity and beyond. Superhydrophobicity as a strategy against icing. Water drop impact on superhydrophobic surfaces in supercooled conditions.

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JulyAriel, Israel attendance was cancelled due to conflict in the area. Are we able to reduce ice accretion using superhydrophobic surfaces? Supercooled droplet or ice? Video Gallery of Fluid Motion.