THE DEVIL IN LOVE / Followed by / HIS LIFE, TRIAL, PROPHECIES, / AND. REVELATIONS / by Gérard de Nerval delivers us Cazotte’s text, et al. The alia. This book is part of the collection held by the Bodleian Libraries and scanned by Google, Inc. for the Google Books Library Project. For more information see. The Devil in Love. Author: Jacques Cazotte. Engraver: Jean-Émile Laboureur ( French, Nantes – Penestin). Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company.

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Were it not for Cazotte’s rather frightening personal story, perhaps this novel would have disappeared devjl a trace. Sep 04, Dfordoom rated it really liked it Shelves: At the end of the book the author tell us with the use of a new eevil that the devil had genious plan and he made this and that. On his way back toward the womb, Alvaro is deflowered in a fallen coach by the side of the road. Un compitino ben fatto ma senza pretese.

And even a Spanish nobleman cannot withstand such a determined siege forever. The importance of this novel is of course that we are seeing many ideas that would become commonplace in the literature of the fantastique and of the gothic dealt with for the loge time in a work of fiction.

Gothic novellas have always been a weak spot for me.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Born at Dijon, he was educated by the Jesuits, and at the age of 27 he obtained a public office at Martinique. Kn Devil in Love, the tale of a young man Beelzebub sets out to enslave by seducing him, is his masterpiece. I suspect I might enjoy it kn bit more if I read it I actually don’t remember much about this book, so it’s probably not fair for me to give it a rating.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This page was last edited on 14 Augustat I learned of this book reading the Dumas Club, in that story the Devil also in the form of a woman gives this book to the man she is trying to help. Not only boringbut also weird and not lovw the good way where we are surprised.

The Devil In Love

Alvaro is essentially a good person undone by his wish to understand more of the natural world and exert control over it through knowledge. The satanic seductress is hidden behind the face of the tormented and plaintive beauty until the end of the fable. The thf itself leaves much pause for thought and actually sent me back to the start for a second read. There are a few moments to cause shudders as well, such as the summoning of Beelzebub in the Portico, and the final transformation with its vision of horned snails, followed by the revelation of how everything has been affected.

More like bland weird. Biondetta was more like a damsel in distress from the start until the middle and the teenager until the end.

Collier Books,p. Arts Council Fiction Group. This was so boring that I am left speechless. The Devil in Love is an occult romance by Jacques Cazotte which tells of cazotge demon, or devil, who falls in love with a young Spanish nobleman named Don Alvaro, an amateur human dabbler, and attempts, in the guise of a young woman, to win his affections. Alvaro sfida il demonio, gli esiti saranno imprevedibili. Luckily, he’s left behind this little gem of a book in which Beelzebub is summoned by a rank amateur pages,and which although short, is a cazptte from beginning to end.

Devik also wrote a number of fantastic oriental tales, such as his Mille et une fadaises, Contes a dormir debout Unfortunately, for those who are not students of fantastic fiction, this theme has been so well developed in the intervening centuries that its main interest is historical.


I’m glad the ending was re-written as the longer version made much more sense. In the journey that unfolds, Satan, disguised as a woman, tries to seduce Alvaro who rejects his advances lest he lose his precious virginity.

The Devil in Love (novel) – Wikipedia

This is very much an entertainment, a literary bauble created by a witty dilettante. I am currently on a devil-reading spree to find out: Well not bad weird either. But then they arrested him again and, without any further ado,they promptly cured him of having an intact spinal column.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The Le Diable amoureux started a literary style known as fantastiquewhere surreal events intrude on reality and the reader is left guessing whether the events actually occurred or were merely the product of the character’s imagination. I actually got the reader’s block because of this book and my stubborn head to finish it.

He summons a spirit, and gets more than he bargained for. Dedalus are to be thanked for making it available to modern audiences, and in such an attractive package. This is an amusing study of temptation, with sinister undertones. The Devil in Love, by Jacques Cazotte”. And even a Spanish nobleman cannot withstand such a determined siege forever. The book was originally intended to be in two parts but only the first part was ever completed.