CCXML – or Call Control XML – is the W3C standard markup language for controlling CCXML Reference and Tutorial; VoiceGenie’s CCXML Tag Reference. CCXML – or Call Control XML – is the W3C standard markup language for controlling Aspect also provides a complete CCXML reference guide and tutorials. For additional support telephone numbers, see the Avaya Web site: http://support. 2 Avaya CCXML User Guide. August

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A description of the reason the dialog could not be started. An ECMAScript expression which returns a string that is the identifier of a Connection on which an incoming call is being signaled.

One session can ccxjl multiple documents and phone calls. This gutorial instructs the implementation to allocate a Conference Object using the specified options.

The http-equiv content may be used in situations where the CCXML document author is unable to configure HTTP header fields associated with their document on the origin server. This can happen for any number of common reasons — target status busy, no answer, etcinvalid destination number, insufficient resources, and others.

Introduction to CCXML, Part II

For example, a CCXML implementation, for optimization purposes, could translate and compile frequently used CCXML documents on their way from the document server to the CCXML execution environment in order to avoid multiplying interpretive overhead by the number of lines that execute the same document. The character string must be interpreted as a time interval.

You’ll want to download the source code at the bottom of the tutorial and put the files unzipped on a publicly accessible Web server. If no value is specified, ccxmll dialog environment must make no assumptions as to the bridging type. This enhances the functionality and interoperability of the Web.


A tutorial on Call Control XML and voice browser call control

An ECMAScript expression which returns a string that must be the identifier of a Connection on which the incoming call is signaled.

Variables defined in the session scope are vcxml to the parent scope chain delegation model but do not have a parent scope defined.

If specified, the dialog being started MUST be joined to the referenced connection as specified by the mediadirection attribute. These events arrive from outside the tutorkal itself—either the underlying telephony platform, or from other sources of events.

For example, the following transition element will match the connection.

This can happen for any number of common reasons — redirect target status busy, no answer, etcinvalid destination number, insufficient resources, and others. In particular, it is designed to facilitate prior tutofial for execution in a lightweight environment.

The identifier of the connection to which the dialog connection is bridged usually the connectionid that was specified in the dialogstart or dialogprepare.

This is called document initialization. It is not possible to start a dialog that is not joined to a connection or a conference.

Call Control eXtensible Markup Language – Wikipedia

Any further information provided by the protocol prior to connection MAY be provided in subsequent connection. The ID of the event source referenced either directly via the source attribute or indirectly via the event attribute of the move element. The first partition in document order with a cond that evaluates to true is selected.

In the context of CCXML, it was felt that the Address, Call, and Provider objects would add more complexity than value, so these were omitted as explicitly visible objects.

This is the same identifier as was returned on the sessionid attribute of the createccxml request that created the session. This event would typically occur if an error occurred during the process of trying to accept the call. CCXML allows operations such as document fetching, startup and shutdown to execute independently. If the platform does not support the transmission of aai data it must raise a connection. The send element must return immediately, but the event must not be dispatched until the delay interval elapses.


This property cxml be set to the ECMAScript string value of the printable error message associated with this error. If the conference mixer is unable to reserve this many speaker slots, the createconference must fail with a error. The implementation MUST allow reference to variables by their fully qualified names. The ECMAScript object returned contains information which may be used by the implementing platform or passed to the network when the two specified Connections, Dialogs or Conferences id1 and id2 are unjoined.

Voice Browser Call Control: CCXML Version

The manner in which the message is displayed or logged is platform-dependent. The dialog executes on a separate logical execution thread this may be a thread, process, or system depending upon platform implementation and does not block the processing tutogial further events by the CCXML session. Any such code likely relies ccmxl unusual ordering of variable declarations and assignment statements or the use of confusing variable names and scopes; such code is discouraged due to its potential for producing unintended results.

These requirements were met.