Ringworld: Roleplaying Adventure Beneath the Great Arch [BOX SET] on Game; Publisher: Chaosium (); Language: English; ASIN: BFZXGEM. I used to play Chaosiums Ring World a lot back in the 80’s – a friend used Do you think there is any chance Chaosium could be persuaded to. Chaosium is one of the longer lived publishers of role-playing games still in later RPGs, such as Call of Cthulhu, Stormbringer, Nephilim, and Ringworld.

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The game provides a wealth of background information about Known Space, though not really all that much about the Ringworld.

Ringworld (role-playing game) – Wikipedia

The Ringworld role-playing game box set was titled “Larry Niven’s Ringworld: Both scenarios can be integrated into the campaign given in the basic set.

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It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. Korgoth August 27, at Add a copy to your collection. White Dwarf Issue 59 – Nov Tags separate by space: The ring is spun at a speed to provide 0.


Larry Niven’s Ringworld

This Ringworld focus has been a criticism of the game. Then there is a new race, the “Agamans”, desert nomads, and a scenario involving them, “The Sand Eaters”. Another great company, that printed some great “pulpy” games was is? Go here to find out more.

You can edit this page to create it. The Ringworld series by Larry Niven. Casus Belli Issue 44 – Apr Pookie September 12, at 7: My strongest memory is using the tech rules to design a suit of “Iron Man” style armor as a prize for one of my players.

This website still in it’s early days I started it back in January Like you, I came to Chaosium late. I remember seeing it in a game store when it was in print as well and, though intrigued, passed ringwoorld in in favor of Quite a number of Larry’s books and short stories are now available as ebooks.

Ringworld (role-playing game)

Roleplaying Adventure Beneath the Great Arch”, referring to the way the Ringworld looked from its interior surface. I bought this and the companion book when they were released. I can’t help but feel that I missed out on a lot of Chaosium-fueled gaming goodness in my formative years. Definitely a prize in my collection, although sadly packed away in storage right now. Only a member of this blog may post a comment. A new race for chaoisum Ringworld Game” appeared in Dragon Magazine issue Brunomac August 28, at The Technology Book gives rules and descriptions of the equipment employed by the explorers of the 29th century, rkngworld into generators, computers, medical equipment, tools, vehicles, weapons and defenses.


A true prize in my collection. Been catching up ever since. I’m still devouring my copy of Stormbringer and awaiting my copy of a 2nd edition RuneQuest boxed set I managed to snag.

Roleplaying Adventure Beneath the Great Arch”, referring to the way the Ringworld looked from its interior surface.

Adventures Into The Unknown. Anthony August 28, at 1: As time passes I will start to populate each web page so pop back to check on the site. Gazing into the distance and seeing the ring rise up and fade into rintworld sky like some road to heaven is an amazing, chill inducing image.