Chromehounds at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Chromehounds – Manual. Game Title, Chromehounds. Document Type, Manual. Platform, Xbox Author, Electric Fungus (stats). Filesize, kB. Date. Chromehounds (クロムハウンズ) is an action game developed by From Software and 2 Downloadable content; 3 Production credits; 4 Digital manuals.

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Clustering weapons seems stupid, or it might be a great idea, depending on how much a mecha fan you are. Each time you design a Hound, you need to pay attention to those lights, or you will have a design that cannot move or fight.

Either learn to love the sniper weapons, or build your Hound to close the distance before you shred the opposition. Just make sure to have bird or tank legs when using this weapon or you won’t hit squat.

Chrome Hounds (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2006)

The last thing you need to figure in is timewhich is constant passing. For example, during online play you have the option to set out numbered counters that come in three different colors. Alert Lamp Low Energy – Your generator is majual for the weapons and systems you assembled. Don’t feel bad; when something gives you trouble, move on and then come back with reinforcements or better equipment.

Random WTB: Chromehounds Manual

And a failure of the mind means you are unfit to be a Hound pilot these things cost much-O money to buy and run. Most of the enemies you face in single player are not all that tough but Xbox Live is different, so you need to plan for it! The white hexagons on the bottom represent the weapon that should be the first selection in a gun grouping, for the sides and top. Too many of the FPS games took control and left this slow-mo strategic game in the wake. Squads of HOUNDs take to the field in international factions; cooperating with and complementing each other in terms of firepower, range of movement, and abilities.


mxnual Black Ops 4 Microsoft Xbox One, Skip to main content. That said, your “camera gun” should be the most protected weapon in the cluster and preferably carry the most ammunition for weapons that have that option. When things work correctly, I’m popular but taken for granted. You start off with zero parts, so you won’t be using the design feature anytime soon.

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Shotguns chromehuonds good up close, but consder the range of cannons and howitzers when attacking, or you might wind up receiving the bad end of the battle. This is due to “shot drop off”, or to chromehiunds simply, the enemy projectiles are falling down short of your Hound and hitting the legs. Chrome Hounds Microsoft Xbox4 product ratings 4. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

Destruction chromeuounds generators is like destroying legs; you destroy the enemy’s mobility and ability to fire weapons. Because each mission offline has different criteria, you will find you will customize a specific Hound for that one task and never use that design again it may not even be very helpful in the online Neroimus War.

Well for one thing, the seven tutorials do not allow for customized Hounds.

Random WTB: Chromehounds Manual – Ars Technica OpenForum

Sniper weapons have low ammo capacity, but good damage and range. As for battle tips, only trial and error will let you learn from your past mistakes. Don’t cut the introduction of the mission. I’m not whining — I’m crying waaaaaaaa!! Role Types are just that — archetypes.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. That said, you shoudl be aware that unless an enemy opens fire up close at metersyour Hound will usually suffer damage at the lower extremeties, even if you are below your enemy human players spalsh the ground, not your Hound, with howitzer fire. Long ranges are only covered by something capable of that range — like a Sniper Rifle or Sniper not regular Cannon.


If you’re next to a building or canyon corner, and half of your weapons are hitting the wall, you’re wasting ammunition. In short, mount the largest damage weapons you have, group them and get in the first killing shot.

Good for tanks and stuff, but not good for Hound of any design. Getting seven S Ranks this early on will net you a few leg, body, and generator parts for designing your own Hound for the story or for Xbox Live play. Now here’s another issue — what makes you think you can land cchromehounds ten shots with the machinegun when people are moving around? If you can mount armor, all the better, but that’s not always necessary.

The key strategy online is to keep the other guy harrassed by destroying his weapons or capping his legs so you and your team can do the mission unmolested. Run out and you’re a failure. Chromehounnds, the weight precludes mounting them on anything except a multipedal unit. If that weapon is destroyed, your camera will no longer function.

Mark “Chippy” Ryan “Licking food keeps the others off my lunch. But it’s NO Mechwarrior.

It should be noted that you can view these parts and these maps right in the game without the frustration of going through this poorly organized book. Low energy means some of your systems go offline, including weapons.