Figure 1: Chrysophyllum albidum tree (A) and fruits (B) [17]. .. Figure 2: Fiber fractions of the freeze-dried edible parts of Chrysophyllum albidum fruit. PDF | Chrysophyllum albidum (Sapotaceae), commonly called white star apple is a very useful medicinal plant common in the tropical and. Download scientific diagram | Showing pictures of Chrysophyllum albidum fruit, tree and seed from publication: A Comprehensive Review on Ethno-Medicine.

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Commercialization of non-timber forest products: Agriculture and non-timber forest products exploitation and commercialization remain the main economic activities of the population in this area [ 29 ].

All authors read and approved the final manuscript.

Grind the seeds and add palm oil locally named tchocho. There were positive and negative correlations between the ripeness of fruits and attack by fruit flies and scale insects respectively. The plant is susceptible to attack by various chrysophy,lum and diseases leading to low germination, seedling mortality and reduction in quantity and quality of fruit yield Adelaja, Sugar contents of the edible parts of Chrysophyllum albidum fruit.

Seed shell pericarp had the highest contents of Alkaloid, Tannins and vitamin C.

One option to explore is to plant this species around urban areas together with the protection of the current existing specimens.

Support Center Support Center. Ann Jose ankara escort. Fructose bypasses food intake regulatory system insulin and leptin and favors lipogenesis [ 55 ]. Influence of fruit acidity on infestation and damage to sweet orange Citrus sinensis Osbeck varieties by Ceratitis species Diptera: LGH and TOL were involved in the study design, proposal writing for data collection and, data analysis. The roots were involved in the treatment of sterility, sexual asthenia and asthma; while seeds were mostly used to treat intestinal worms and hemorrhoid.


Working with indigenous knowledge: Yet, studies carried out in Nigeria showed that the leaf extract of C.

Chrysophyllum albidum – Wikipedia

Lipid composition of lesser known tropical seeds. Although some fruits did not show any external signs of damage, fruit fly larvae were isolated from them when dissected. Articles with ‘species’ microformats All stub articles. Don, in southern Benin. Overall, the ethno-botanical use value of C. The leaves were frequently used to treat malaria, blood pressure and anemia.

Fiber fractions of the freeze-dried edible parts of Chrysophyllum albidum fruit. Fruit collections were made from unripe to ripe stages. The mineral contents C. Anti-plasmodial and toxicological effects of methanolic bark extract of Chrysophyllum albidum in albino mice. It was also mentioned to be used to chase bad spirits.

They wrote the first draft of this manuscript.

Ecologically, the tree has an efficient nutrient cycling and the high rate of mineralization of the leaves improves the quality of the top soil. Previous studies also reported that the seeds of C. Agri and Aquaculture Journals Dr.

Surveys were conducted for two years in seven fruits markets in Ibadan during the harvesting periods of C. Despite the role of ecological barrier the Dahomey Gap played in the distribution of many evergreen rain forests species in Western Africa [ 11 ], Chrysophyllum albidum is present in Benin.

This study aimed at providing information on the use and local knowledge variation on Chrysophyllum albidum G. Proximate Composition of the freeze chrysohyllum edible parts of Chrysophyllum albidum fruit. Asian Journal of Food and Agro-Industry. This corroborated the answers to the questionnaire administered to sellers whereby they claimed to be ignorant of the probable ways of insect infestation. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology; The seeds cotyledon chrysophyllmu anti-hyperglycemic properties thus can lower high blood sugar level.


Finally, the overall ethno-botanical use value of the species was determined for each ethnic, age and gender group as:. A survey of markets and environs were carried out in Ibadan metropolis during the fruiting seasons for two years to determine the associated insect pests and the extent of damage done to C.

Effects of ethanolic leaf extract of Chrysophyllum albidum G. Antioxidizing Properties Orijajogun et al.

Nutrients Compositions and Phytochemical Contents of Edible Parts of Chrysophyllum albidum Fruit

The identified compounds are of fatty acids, fatty acid derivatives and aromatic origin. The methanolic bark extract of C. This study is therefore aimed at identifying the insects that cause damage to C. Frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables has been associated with a lowered risk of diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, cancer, and stroke [ 12 ]. The pulp can taste either very sweet or sour.

Proximate and nutrient analysis of edible fruit and vegetables play chrjsophyllum crucial role in assessing their nutritional significance. Therefore, we suggest the development of a urban plan considering the conservation and maintenance of endogenous fruit tree species such as C.


The fresh ripe fruit of C. The annual rainfall ranges from to mm with 82 to rain days. For example, national policies could consider planting this species along the roads in the southern Benin. Random samples of 10 fruits each were collected weekly per seller and from five sellers from each of the seven markets namely; Dugbe, Orita-Challenge, Oja-Oba, Oje, Bodija, Idi-ikan and Ojo markets.