Switch Cisco SRWK9 20 port Product Description Cisco Small Business Series Managed Switch SG – switch – 20 ports – managed. SRWK9-EU Cisco SG Port Gigabit Managed Switch. Easy-to- Use Managed Switches that Provide the Ideal Combination of Features and. 5 พ.ย. Cisco SG Port Gigabit Managed Switch. SRWK9-EU. Features and Capabilities. Easy to set up and use, the Cisco Series.

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Supports configuration, system dashboard, system maintenance, and monitoring. Cisco Series Switches have been rigorously tested to help ensure easy integration and full compatibility with these and other products, providing a complete small business solution. With the ability to maintain dual images of your switches, you can perform software upgrades without having to take the network offline and without worrying about an outage during an upgrade.

Internet Group Management Protocol Versions 1, 2 and 3 snooping: The Cisco Series, part of the Cisco Small Business line of network solutions, is a portfolio of affordable managed switches that provides a reliable foundation for your business network. This utility works through a simple toolbar on the user’s web browser to discover Cisco devices in the network and display basic information, such as serial numbers and IP addresses, to aid in the configuration and deployment of Cisco Small Business products.

Possible deployment scenarios include: A security mechanism to protect the network from invalid configurations. Cisco Series Switches can simply and securely connect employees working in small offices with each other and with all of the servers, printers, and other devices they use.

More on the Way Update Location close. Supports configuration, system dashboard, system maintenance, and monitoring. Peace of mind — All Cisco Series switches are protected for the life of the product by the Cisco Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty with next—business—day advance replacement, where available.


Cisco Small Business products are supported by professionals in Cisco Small Business Support Center locations worldwide who are specifically trained to understand your needs. These switches deliver the features you need to improve the availability of your critical business applications, protect your sensitive information, and optimize your network bandwidth to deliver information and applications more effectively.

It reduces the power consumption for cables shorter than 10 m General Features Jumbo Frames: The included device manager software provides an intuitive, web-based interface to simplify setup, security and quality of service QoS traffic prioritization, allowing even users without IT expertise to configure the switch in minutes. The shown information specifications, prices, taxes should be considered as an indication and can be changed at any moment and without any prior notice.

Switch Cisco SRW2016-K9 20 port

Ensures that the switch will receive and srw2016-k9-eeu management and protocol traffic no matter how much traffic is received. I have tried other companies’ versions of these types of switches and have had problems with dropped audio and video. VLANs transparently cross a service provider network while isolating traffic among customers.

User Datagram Protocol Relay: These cookies ensure that the webstore functions properly. I have several very expensive HP switches which don’t have the features these units do, and the price point is very sfw2016-k9-eu to a non-profit organization.

Protocols for automatically propagating and configuring VLANs in a bridged domain.

Cisco SRW2016-K9-EU Ethernet-Schalter

Write a review aarsesbdvqfuurfyefcqfywq. This prevents IP Address Spoofing.

Secure Wireless Connectivity The Cisco SG switch allows employees to work productively from conference rooms and common areas, collaborate in any office and access business applications from wherever they are.

Optimal Energy Efficiency The Cisco SG “green” switch srw20116-k9-eu with power-saving features optimizes power use to protect the environment and reduces energy cisc, without compromising performance.

Cisco Series Switches offer: When IP Source Guard is enabled at a port, the switch filters out IP packets received from the port if the source IP addresses of the packets have not been statically configured or dynamically learned from DHCP snooping.


Ingress policer; egress shaping and rate control; per VLAN, per port and flow based. The Cisco SG has the advanced security management clsco and network features you need to support business-class data, voice, security and wireless technologies. Adjusts the signal strength based on the cable length. Cisco Series Switches let you extend highly secure network connectivity to guests in a variety of settings, such as a hotel, an office waiting room, or any other area open to nonemployee users.

These units have been online for over a year now at each of the facilities with almost no issues.

Cisco SG Port 10// Gigabit Managed SRWK9-NA

When you invest in the Cisco SG switch, you gain the benefit of: Business Applications Whether you need a basic high-performance network to connect employee computers or a solution to deliver data, voice, and video services, the Cisco Series offers a solution to meet your needs.

Peace of Mind and Investment Protection The Cisco SG switch offers the reliable performance, wrw2016-k9-eu protection and peace of mind you expect from a Cisco switch. The solution speeds up file transfer times and improves slow, sluggish networks, while keeping your vital business applications available and preventing costly downtime. IP Telephony Support The Cisco SG switch includes embedded QoS intelligence to prioritize delay-sensitive services such as voice and video, simplify unified communications deployments and help ensure consistent network performance for all services.

This capability allows you to segment your network into separate workgroups and communicate across VLANs without degrading application performance. That is not the case with Cisco’s SG!