En La ciudad del crimen Charles Bowden presenta una crónica devastadora de una urbe en pleno colapso. El libro comienza en enero de , cuando una. Ciudad del crimen / Murder City by Charles Bowden, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Get this from a library! La ciudad del crimen: Ciudad Juárez y los nuevos campos de exterminio de la economía global. [Charles Bowden; Julián Cardona] .

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I heard the author talking on NPR last week, and I was ciuvad captivated by his story that I ordered the brand new hardcover on Amazon, something I rarely do. On this level, the book is not nearly as definitive as it should be yet it’s notable for capturing the atmosphere of Juarez so vividly. Only a fence separates these cities- but they may as well be on different planets.

Charles Bowden

He has no patience for armchair pundits. When Bowden, an atheist, finds them, he allows them to speak in long blocks of text. Disturbing in the implications that the solutions to the problems in Juarez aren’t working. Literary merits aside, the book succeeds in building a convincing case for the involvement of Mexico’s army as a full-fledged player in the war for not against drugs, which we in the U.

Oct 02, Shaun rated it really liked it Shelves: It is all back.

La ciudad del crimen : Ciudad Juárez y los nuevos campos de exterminio de la economía global

They work in factories, known as maquiladoras. Much of the book is taken up with the reporter’s rather more literary version of screaming and tearing at his own face, and I agree with the many review Harrowing and hair-raising investigative journalism in a city which lays waste to many who try to uncover its secrets.


Listen to ckudad interview for free and skip the book: Now, “Murder City” has opened my eyes even wider. The only criticism I would bring regarding the book is that the author jump I always wanted have more information regarding Mexico’s war on drugs and cciudad book was perfect for my purpose. They smelled terrible because of the burns.

Between the Mexican Army, which hunts local police, the “cartels” which disappear people, all the players who deal in the drug trade, and the general Juarez population which survives some murders in a city of not more than million; the reader is pummeled with some harsh realities. What more could you ask for? Sporadic in the book, Brown interleaves icudad obituaries of the unidentified dead. Bowden finds some bits of hope: In other words, if the United States had a similar murder rate as Ciudad Juarez, then in It was the drug cartels, said the officials, killing each other.

And to further address how widespread corruption, lying and how the information in the city papers are to be believed: Bowden’s book reads like poetry; it’s an elegy for missing people; a maddened cry; a descent into hell.

Murder City: Ciudad Juárez and the Global Economy’s New Killing Fields by Charles Bowden

Advanced Search Find a Library. You are powerless and you have no connections to power. Since the police are often criminals, there is little incentive for them to fight crime. They are raped, tortured, killed and dismembered. Every claim of a gain is overwhelmed by drl tidal wave of failure. A new day had begun and it looks like night. And so it finally trails off, a path littered with death chwrles small voices whispering against the growing night” Any Mexican citizen who wishes to legally come to the US must go to Juarez.


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The Mexican military brutalizes Mexico just like the cartels but nobody dares report on any of it because reporters get killed. Please re-enter recipient e-mail address es. This was the most recent pick of one of my book clubs.

He compares it to sunlight: Hardcoverpages. The largest city in the region.

He’s walked its streets, He’s talked to its people. A very unsettling book. I was a young man in a Juarez cantina in the winter of and witnessed my first brutal bar fight. Since torture is the basic forensic tool of law enforcement, the elements of law and order crijen developed few, if any, skills in solving crimes.

Presumably they also get machetes since the group sometimes decapitates its adversaries. Also, there is a story that says crimeh track police radio in order to cover the murders, but that now, for the first time, voices are coming over these police channels and over their cell phones, warning them to slow down, to not arrive at the killing scene just yet.

Juarez itself is the offspring of NAFTA, which Bill Clinton promised would end illegal immigration and move Mexico into First World ranking, instead it has ravaged an entire population which now finds itself either fleeing to the US or depending on a narco-driven economy at home.

But consider this possibility: The other presence, more terrifying, is that of the Mexican army.