El haloperidol durante dos meses reapareci la corea cual resolvi pidamente reinstaurar tratamiento. Request PDF on ResearchGate Chor de Sydenham chez . Sydenham se graduó de la Universidad de Oxford en y obtuvo el título de del láudano de opio y de la corteza del árbol de chinchona en el tratamiento de logros están el descubrimiento de la Corea de Sydenham, también conocida. eficacia de carbamazepina, haloperidol y acido valproico en el tratamiento de niños con corea de Sydenham: seguimiento clínico de 18 pacientes’ in DOAJ.

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The goal of this review was to critically analyze the available literature on the treatment of chorea in individuals with SC. In the present series we could not demonstrate a history of streptococcal infection, or physical signs suggestive of such.

J Neurol Neurosurgery Psychiatry ; Thanks to pharmacogenetics and epigenetics in the hratamiento, the high risk for different addictions can be clarified.

Naidu S, Narasimhachari N. This non-therapeutic approach was successfully utilized in 12 of 65 patients in one case series. The distribution of the cases according to the different abnormal movements observed upon admission is displayed in Table 1. In view of the present results we recommend valproic acid as the first choice drug to treat Sydenham chorea.

The type of treatment was decided randomly according to the order of admission to the hospital. Levetiracetam Efficacy in a Child. Thus, it is unclear whether this sensitivity is unique to SC or reflects a gender difference. Sydebham online searches were conducted using PubMed, Embase, Tratwmiento, and clinicaltrials.


Neuropsychiatric symptoms, including obsessive compulsive behaviors, personality changes, emotional lability, distractibility, irritability, anxiety, age-regressed behaviors, and anorexia, are sydenam and frequently predate the appearance of chorea.

Abnormal movements were generalized, either symmetric or asymmetric in 17 cases and unilateral in one case. Curr Op Neurol Neurosurg ;4: Recognizing that some studies suggest that recurrent episodes of SC may not be immune mediated, 759 future studies of immunomodulatory therapies should attempt to correlate outcomes with measurements of proposed biomarkers.

English Full-text formats available: Therapeutic improvement was reported in 4 days in one out of four patients; improvement time for the others was not clearly specified. Sao Paulo Med J. Wydenham steroid treatment studies include eight patients who received corticotrophin 30—40 mg intravenously for 3—9 daysfollowed by prednisone 30—75 mg for 5—10 daysand a day taper.

Classification is crucial in science.

Treatment of Sydenham’s Chorea: A Review of the Current Evidence

Therapies for neuropsychiatric symptoms commonly seen in individuals with SC are not covered in this review. Received 21 Septemberreceived in final form 7 December Tardive dyskinesia was not reported in any reviewed study. Please review our privacy policy.

In the 4 cases that did not show clinical improvement after one week of treatment, therapy with valproic acid led to disappearance of the symptoms in a lapse that ranged from 4 to 7 days. Alvarez and Novac Clinical and ancillary findings Ten females tratamiemto eight males, aged years were included in the study.


Recurrence was documented in two patients at 3 and 10 months of therapy, respectively; one of these patients had received CBZ, and the other HP. Neuropsychological manifestations in children with Sydenham’s chorea after adjunct intravenous immunoglobulin and standard treatment.

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The clinical sjdenham of patients with SC treated with several drugs follows a path that leads to the progressive disappearance of the symptoms. Of note, time to response was not reported in this patient. Thus, the condition may be misdiagnosed as an ailment of psychological origin.

Medication administration was interrupted in the four patients that failed to improve, and treatment with VPA was started. Ther Adv Neurol Disord. Fernandez-Alvarez E, Aicardi J. Nevertheless, we are aware that the disparity among the different studies that have been performed to test the efficacy of a particular drug is related to several issues. However, in patients with moderate or severe movement disorders, the accompanying anxiety, obsessive-compulsive signs, and other associated psychological dysfunction may prevent daily activities and brings into consideration therapy with specific medication, in spite of the fact that most of such drugs have side effects that limit their use.